Looking to celebrate Cinco De Mayo but don’t want to wake up feeling like you Cinco De Drink’d too much ..

If you’re planning a big bash or you want healthier versions of your Cinco De Mayo Favorites …

Naked Fajitas – These are delicious and nutritious and keep you in the Cinco De Mayo Spirit!

Fit Chic Margarita’s 2 shots of white tequila a Juice of 1 lime, 1 tablespoon of juiced orange and a Splash of soda water (I like orange, lime or lemon).

Piñata – If you think about it, whacking a piñata takes some skill, strength, and endurance.Even more fun is to put healthy treats like mini lara bars, or small gum packets, with little toys or gadgets. So now you can have fun and get a sweat on.

Eat Avocados – Holy Moly is Guacamole Delicious and a perfect way to Celebrate and keep you feeling happy and healthy! Here are some great reasons to add some avocado in your life …They regulate blood pressure. They have the best “Fat” for you that helps reduce bad cholesterol and give your body the antioxidants it needs. They help absorb the nutrients of other foods.. They make any recipe taste great!

Fit Chic


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