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Look on The Bright Side Winter is Just For a Season…

happiness in snow

Recently I have heard a lot of my friends, members, and people around me talk about how sick of the weather they are. It has been a very cold winter for many states this season, but I haven’t been terribly plagued by it and I believe it is because I got mentally prepared.

My husband and I relocated from Los Angeles to South Dakota, and while it has been nothing but sunny days and heat waves in LA it has been below freezing and snow all around here; and I would not have it any other way.

The grass is not always greener on the other side. Yes, it was wonderful to have great weather all the time but there are a lot of other circumstances that come into play that people forget to take into account. While the weather is nice you always have to sit in LOTS of traffic and deal with LOTS of people all the time that also enjoy the weather. In South Dakota the weather is not always the best but you have a wonderful supportive community, sometimes it is just nice to have to stop and smell the roses. When you have a snow day and you literally can’t do anything it is a great way to recharge and allow your body to take a day!

Here is a great bunch of quotes to focus on when you get those Winter blues!

It is all in how you approach it! If you know it is literally just a season and embrace it, the weather just doesn’t feel as bad!

With each new day becomes one day closer to spring :]

Happy Friday!

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Fit Chic Top Mind Body Habits for 2017 …


With these simple additions to your life, you will be sure to make this 2017 your best year yet!

#1 Meditation: Clearing your mind will open up a whole new world for “Calm”, stress-free behaviors. It also helps with sleep, overall health, emotional stability, and overall happiness in life! 

#2 Stretch for Longevity: Stretching and Stretch classes like yoga, pilates, flexibility and mobility, and movement classes all help increase your flexibility, improve your performance, decreases risk of injury, and increases the blood flow to your muscles. It also helps you to feel even better during your workouts with reduction in soreness, injury prevention, and stress in joints.

#3 Gratitude Journal: According to a study by researchers from the University of Minnesota and the University of Florida, having participants write down a list of positive events at the close of a day — and why the events made them happy — lowered their self-reported stress levels and gave them a greater sense of calm at night. I personally have one and I have felt so much peace and have really broadened my perspective on all the wonderful things in the world I have to be thankful for. I have a routine I do every morning; everyday my alarm goes off, the first thing I do when I hop out of bed is quickly think of one thing I am thankful for. This simple tip has changed the way I view each day and made it a positive from the start!

#4 Living Healthy at Work: With stand up desks, walking meetings, healthy vending machines, nap areas, etc ,,,, You spend the majority of your day at your job healthy workers are among the happiest and most productive at their jobs. Numerous studies have shown that employees in better overall health exhibit high performance and efficiency levels, leading to a greater work performance.

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Fit Chic Fitness Trends for 2017


2017 is here, and one of the most common buzz words …. “Fit” for the New Year …

“What is going to get me the most success and be most beneficial for my body overall”?

Here are my top picks for Fitness Trends in 2017:

#1 Mixed Format Classes: Think of a class like “Fit and Flow” Combining fitness movements intertwined with yoga vinyasa flow. This class gives you the best of both worlds. these mixed format classes will be huge in the coming year because they prevent overuse increase flexibility, and make it fun interesting and effective all in one!
#2 At Home Subscriptions:  Companies like Peloton BikesDaily Burn, YogaGlo to name a few are making it much more attainable for people without gym memberships to be just as effective at home!
#3 Stretching for Sport: We all know the importance of mobility and stretching, but most of us don’t do our do diligence to actually take the professional approach to doing it. Gyms are now opening all over the world specializing in stretching for a sport, for your sport, and for overall wellness. Gyms such as AwakenStretchlabCPMFITness Yoga. give you a chance to build strength thru flexibility, mobility, and restore and renew the body. 
# 4 One on One Specialized Training: Training for your specific needs, sport, or activity. Boutique or specialized gyms and personal training are places you will be seeing much more of this in 2017. If you are training for a triathlon, or biking event studios like flywheel or soul cycle are great. If you are wanting to work on an endurance event like a marathon, 5k, or 1/2 .. Endurance Try out a Crossfit Endurance Based Gym … Want to train for your ballerina within try out a Barre Class ..
Now you can enjoy your sport, get better at it, and stay fit all in one!
#5 Worksite Health Incentives: Now your companies are promoting health in the workplace and giving you incentives if you do! Companies are beginning to realize that a healthy employee is a happy, more productive employee—and that creating programs and services that promote positive behaviors like working out, quitting smoking, and losing weight ultimately controls rising health care costs.
Now you have the ins… of what’s in for 2017!
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Top 5 Fit Chic Gifts Under $25


It is the season of gift giving and with gifts available everywhere we turn, what better way then to be steered in the right direction. Here are my Fit Chic Top 5 Health and Fitness Gifts under $25.

Vegetable Spiral Slicer, Vegetti Spiralizer Spiral Cutter for Healthy Vegetable Meals:

This is the perfect gift that will help your gift recipient create veggie noodles at home in just a few minutes.This Spiral is best for making Veggies, Zucchini, paderno and Carrots.

The Vegetable Spiral Slicer is the perfect tool to make healthy garnishes for dinners, parties, special event and just a good old-fashioned family dinner.

This is the perfect gift for the traveling friend or family member. It is small enough to fit in any bag and can really make a huge impact on all the tightness and pain that comes with traveling.

NatureBox Deluxe

The Perfect gift for clients, friends, and family. Everyone enjoys gift baskets, and these look good and are good for you! So now you can feel like you are a great friend for the gift and keeping them healthy in the process.

Anyone who’s committing to accomplishing their goals will benefit from this Believe Journal ($19) . It will help you to be held accountable and stay on track and motivated.

Instead of dousing a your food in harmful oils, lightly spray for an evenly coating of dressing. You can use different types of oils and it is great for baking, grilling, and frying. It also has a really fun bottle that is great for decoration too.

An easy method for brewing loose tea is a fantastic gift for all. The Tea For One set ($20), from Bodum, is an elegant double-wall glass mug with an easily removed strainer. The lid keeps the tea warm while brewing and doubles as a trivet. Include a tin of  your favorite tea and it is the perfect gift this holiday!

Now you have these great go to gifts. You might need to by two one for you and one for your giftee

Fit Chic

Fit Chic Fitness Gifts for 2016 …


Buying gifts for those special people in your life can be surprisingly stressful. But not with this handy list below .. I have included the top 5 items to purchase for all those active “Fit” people in your life! Now you don’t need to stress you can just click and purchase!

#1 Apple Watch Series 2: The Apple Watch Series 2 can help you reach your fitness goals. Apple did a great job building important fitness features into its latest wearable, including the intuitive ring system for tracking your activity throughout the day. Whether that encourages you to get that run in every morning, or simply stand more during your office hours, your Apple Watch will gently nudge you out of your sedentary habits if you allow it to.

#2 Jabra Wirless Headphones: In Your fitness these headphone don’t get better than these. They play your music with no interfering wires and they keep track of your heart rate with an in-ear heart monitor, and keep you moving and grooving with great sound to keep you motivated the whole workout.

#3 A lunge to lunch Gym Bag:  This bag was designed to be a catch-all for your daily essentials fits your laptop with a removable pouch to help keep you organized. Durable fabric is easy to wipe clean and will give more reasons to compliment your wardrobe.

#4 A durable reliable Water Bottle: Water Bottles are all the new craze, but which one is really going to keep your water cold when you need a nice refreshing drink? The Corkcicle Waterman Canteen will be a durable, with the non-slip bottom keeps it upright on any surface, and the flat sides make it easier to grip when you’re on the move. It comes in fun colors and different ounces and sizes to make a perfect fit for any gift recipient.

#5 A Fun Stocking Stuffer: If you are wanting to give a small but effective gift for the fitness guru,.These socks act as a compression sock for just your foot. Thanks to the tight arch compression, the Elite Ultra-Light applies pressure to your arch, allowing the blood to flow better throughout the foot. But that isn’t the sock’s only great feeture:  it has iWick nylon fabric that wicks away moisture incredibly quickly—probably better than any sock I have tried. The also have fun colors and variety for every personality!

Now you have the list for everybody Fitness Guru’s Christmas List!

Happy Holidays!

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Top 5 Things I Would Do The Day After the Election


Today marks the first day of office for our New President ..I feel like for the last two years all we have heard is who is going to be the next president of the United States and now today November 9th the day has arrived. So I started to ask myself .. What would I do my first day as president in the White House … (yes I know the president doesn’t officially move in until January when they are sworn in) … but for fun as a Fit Chic here is what I would do …

#1 Sleep – After two years of constant campaigning you probably want to get a little shut eye.

#2 Do Yoga in the Oval Office – Because how fun would it be to say that you have done a yoga practice in the Oval Office. Also, think of the clarity you would get and the meditative relaxed state you be in to make monumental decisions for our country!

#3 Have the Chef make me a killer meal – Imagine if you could have anything your little hearts desired at anytime. I would have a delicious American an amazing omelet with balsamic garlic brussel sprouts (my mouth is watering as I type)

#4 Make the appropriate changes to the gym – Each president has their own interests and flavor they want to add to make it feel like “their” home. President Obama added a basketball court, President Truman added a bowling alley, and I would add a Fit Chic Style Gym with some of my favorites. I would have a rower, some kettle bells, a pull-up bar, stall bars, slam balls, a state of the art yoga room, attached to a meditation area. 

#5 Invite over my closet friends and have a “Welcome to the White House” Wine Dinner and a Movie – What better way to celebrate your new home and new title than with your friends. How fun would it be to have a nice dinner party in the State Dining Room. After some delicious wine and food we would change into our cozy PJ’s and head over to the elaborate movie theater to watch a fun light hearted comedy. We would order popcorn fun movie snacks and head on in to watch the show.

So maybe I would not make the best president, but I sure would make the White House the most fit and healthiest it has ever been!

What would you do your first day in the White House Fit Ones?

Post in the Comments below ..

Happy Hump Day!

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A Positive Monday Experience …


Are you the type of person who looks at the glass half empty, or the glass half full?

Do you have friends, co-workers, family, etc  whom are always having “bad” things happen to them.

These people will use phrases like “Why me” or “Could it get any worse” etc..

I like to call these people “Debbie Downers” (click on the link for further explanation).

What if it was “you” that was creating the bad day?

Yes, we all have problems or situations arise in our life, but it is the way we chose to view and handle the situation which makes the outcome good or bad.

Here are 3 Great ways to help keep that positive attitude and look at the positive outcome instead of going right to the negative.

1. Keep Perspective:

Ask yourself is this really detrimental to my life, in a week, month, year from now am I going to look back at this situation and still be this upset or view it in this negative fashion? When your perspective changes, your whole outlook changes with it. Example, I recently got in an accident, and it was completely the other guys fault but he lied and told our insurance it was our fault. This was far from true and we had to pay a lot of money to get our car fixed. I could have gotten angry or had a bad attitude, but instead I told myself “no one was injured we are all healthy and happy, my car was not totaled and I had the money”. I chose to focus on the positives and now that is how the situation looked.

2. Keep Your Mindset in Check:

There is how we view something and then there’s reality. It is just as easy to tell yourself over and over how bad things are. Especially when you turn on the news, listen to the radio, read a magazine we as a society love to focus on the negative instead of all the good in the world. I am not saying be “happy” 100% of the time, you don’t have to smile to look at the bright side. A good way to keep your mindset in check is have your goals and daily affirmations near by and when problems or occur focus on the positive opportunities in your life.

3. Keep Out the Naysayers:

The easiest way to keep a positive mindset is to develop a circle of positive people and materials around you. We all adapt to our environments, so if you continue to associate with negative people most likely that is the outcome you will obtain as well. The saying “misery loves company” is very true. The great thing is when you surround yourself by constant positivity that is what begins to come into your life. Write a list of the top 5 people you associate most and put this to the test. Are these people your anchors or engines?

A good quote to live by is “It is not the problem that’s the problem, it’s the way we view the problem that’s the problem”.

How are you going to change your outlook Fit Ones?

Post your answers in the comments below.

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Fun Fitness Inspired Halloween Costumes …


Have Fun and Stay Fit this Halloween … Check out some fun fitness inspired Halloween Costumes that you can promote health and motivate your friends and party go’ers everywhere!

Check us out on KDLT or copy and paste the link below …

What are some of your favorite “Fitness Inspired” Halloween Costumes?

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Top 4 Ways to Increase Energy Without Caffeine or Sugar ..

Happy young woman jumping on beach

Are you a person who always feels tired, run down, full of energy lulls?

Well here are a few tips to not have to rely on caffeine or sugar to give you that pep to your step!

#1 Workout First Thing in the AM …  – Exercise boosts your mood and energy levels by creating a fresh dose of endorphins that will make you feel great and energized for the whole day! 

#2 Cold Shower – Brrrr is right but it will give you the energizing whoosh you need to get and keep you feeling like the energizer bunny! It will actually be a stress reliever and make you feel alert for the day! Start by just splashing your face and then maybe get a little more courage to dip your whole body in!

#3 Start Your Day off With PVF (protein, vegetable, and fat) – Eating breakfast sets the tone for the day! It gives you clarity energy and gets the metabolism going in a positive direction. It is a great way to maintain glucose levels, and keep the body calibrating at a normal rate all day long!

#4 Start with Some Kick Butt Tunes – Not only does great music give you that near-magical second wind or extra kick when you are exercising, it also boosts your mood and energy during daily tasks. In fact, some research even revealed people who listened to great music experienced increased productivity and creativity.

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Top 5 Things to Do When it Rains …


Don’t feel just because the rain has come in, that you can’t still have a great time with some fun activities. Don’t let the rain get you down, jump for joy and get ready for all the fun you are about to have when it rains!

Here are the top 5 activities that I like to partake in when the clouds come rolling in:

#1 Workout – Here is a link to a blog on my site for my all time favorite at home workouts

#2 Bake – If you’re really not in the mood to leave the house, baking is the perfect way to spend a day when the weather is less to be desired. Try out one of those recipes from my blog … 

#3 Create a Film Festival – Grab  some classic movies like Godfather or Casablanca and new The martian, or Toy Story 3 and let the kids add their favorites. Keep a cozy blanket on hand to snuggle with, and add some fun movie snacks and settle in to enjoy the show(s).

#4  Indoor Camping
Go ahead and grab the tent and set it up inside for a family fun weekend of camping. Tell ghost stories, tell jokes, and make microwave s’mores

#5 Write Letters to Loved Ones … .Don’t let the art of  writing a hand held letter die out. Spend time on a rainy day handwriting letters to friends, family and loved ones. If you have littles that are too young to write, take dictation for them and have them make a drawing.

Now you can turn that frown into a smile on the next rainy day …

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