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5 Small Changes in Your Diet that Will Leave You Fit and Chic….

These Women Are Committed to Living A Healthier Lifestyle Each and Every Day!
These Women Are Committed to Living A Healthier Lifestyle Each and Every Day!

As I was watching the Biggest Loser Finale last night, the transformations were inspiring and incredible. These contestants over came some of the greatest adversities (including some being kids), to not only look and feel great; but become healthy and happy as well.

These people had to completely change their whole routine in a drastic way, and in return they received drastic results.

Most of us are not near as unhealthy as these contestants. Making a few simple changes to our overall diet will leave us feeling and looking better than we have in years!

Here are 5 tips to live by and if you do the results will amaze you!


What Exactly is St. Patricks Day?


We all love to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, with our green attire, shamrocks, and corn beef and cabbage dinner but why?

What is the true meaning behind the day and how did it start in the first place.

Well here is some great information from Wikipedia on the true meaning behind St. Patricks Day and the meaning behind the shamrocks, drinks, dinners, and green…..

I hope you all have a healthy happy St. Patrick’s Day, and don’t forget to wear your green!

Happy Friday

Fit Chic

10 Rules to Keep You Successful.

fit chics

As most of you know that have been following my blog regularly, I am currently in the midst of a weight loss challenge with some of the Fit Chics that I train.

Last week we talked about really talking these last two weeks of the challenge and giving it their all! No cheating, no excuses,  just laser focus and discipline! This way when they approach the final day they can be 100% confident that they were “In it to win it”!

As you leave a challenge, and you no longer have weekly meetings to keep you accountable, mini challenges within the challenge, and relying on the help from your peers to stay in the game what are your plans to stay on track?


Paleo and Professional Athletes….

Look at How Colorful and Delicious These Healthier Choices Look!
Look at How Colorful and Delicious These Healthier Choices Look!

Here is a great article from Laker Nation interviewing Kobe Bryant on how changes in his nutrition have been pivotal to his overall success this season.

Kobe says in the article:

“My Achilles heel! I only started really focusing on my nutrition a few years ago. I started experiencing low energy and was feeling bloated. Then it hit me: ‘Kobe you’re not 25 anymore’ (I once had pepperoni pizza before scoring 81 points). It was time to adjust, so the struggle began. Lots of veggies, fruits, fish and lean meats.”

hmmm sounds a lot like “The Paleo Diet” 

Kobe goes on to say his taste buds really began to change for the better, and he started to crave the good stuff far more than the bad.

It seems like if one of the top athletes in the world is willing to give this healthy lifestyle a shot there must be something right about it.

So Fit Ones, I challenge you to really start focusing on the how your overall health is being benefitted by eating this way, and not treating this as just another diet.

What is one healthy change you want to make to your current lifestyle Fit Ones?

Post in the comments below….

Happy Friday!

Fit Chic

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12 Healthy Ways to End the Day…


Two weeks ago I talked about 12 ways to start your day, so no better time to talk about how to end it too!

I am currently doing a weight-loss challenge with a group of women I train.. and each week we are focusing on a specific topic. This past week I put a “BIG” emphasises on the importance of ending your day.

I talk about the importance sleep and the wind down to get to sleep plays on our overall health and wellness and it is a key ingredient to weight loss.

The challenge for the women was to shut off all electronics or any technology at least 1/2 hour before going to sleep. The women could wind down with some stretching, journaling, or reading (something that would not stimulate the brain too much). With this they would also have to completely black out the room. That means no lights on phone, no light from dvr’s or cable devises, and blacked out rooms.

It was so great to hear from the women how great they felt overall after completing this challenge. They had more energy, slept through the night, and really looked forward to the relaxing period they had planned before they hit the hay….


Fit Chics Top 3 Items to Take In Your Suitcase….

restistance bands


I just took a trip to Arizona and as I was packing I realized that I always bring my go to items (the don’t leave home without them items). This way I know that I am able to go to my luggage and grab what I need for whatever situation I am in.

With the following items I am able to get a great workout, mobilization and stretching, and motivation.

Now you can bring your total gym to wherever you vacation takes you.

#1 Jump Rope – There is so much you can do with a jump rope. It is a great apparatus to use for cardio, and to work your muscles to their full potential. Here are 23 great exercises to do with your jump rope:

#2 IPOD: This is the key to all my workouts. I love putting on my playlist and moving to the beat. It keeps your workouts fun and exciting. It also is a great way to keep your mind off of the pain!

#3 Resistance Bands – These are great for stretching before and after your workout and you can incorporate them in your workout as well. Here are some links to watch so that you can get the most out of these bands.

Now you have all the tools that you need to keep you on track and make the most of each trip you take!!!

So fit ones what are some of your favorite workouts on the road?

Post your comments below….

Fit Chic

Dare to Compare Yourself to YOURSELF!


For most of us, we are so focused on what everyone around us is doing i.e. people concerned about looking like others in the gym, people having better jobs than you, smarter, better looking, healthier etc….

But what about comparing ourselves to us???

When I first joined CrossFit I was so concerned about what everyone else was doing that it took a big shoulder injury to realize it didn’t matter. What mattered (and this was much more powerful) was hitting the goals I created for myself. If you look at life, there are people who become millionaires at 26, and then there are people who never do…

Does that mean because I am 31 I am never going to be rich? The more we focus on others, the more we loose focus of ourselves. The more we conquer our goals and stop worrying about everyone else the more successful we will become!

Here is a great read from Julie Bauer author of and avid Crossfitter explaining her take on comparing yourself to others…. READ HERE

The Truth is in the Paleo Pudding…..

lying blog

It is very easy as humans to let ourselves off the hook, or tell ourselves what we want to hear instead of doing what we know is the “best” for us.

We have all had situations in our lives where we know what we are doing is not healthy but we somehow talk ourselves into telling that inner self that it is ok, or even “good” for us.



A Fit Chic LA’s Guide to Loosing Fat and Gaining Muscle


It seems everywhere around us we are always seeing do “this” next thing to “lose” weight.

Every magazine you open says do these exercises, eat this food, and lose the weight. There is so much information it begins to become overwhelming.

How about eating to “fuel” your body with the right nutrients and eating foods that will feed your muscle and in return burn more fat or the best yet; eating to feel great on the inside and out.

Here are 5 Great foods that you should be eating everyday to get you on your way to the best you have in years and looking the best you have ever before!

#1 Fish Oil – Fish Oil has so many wonderful benefits, but in regards to feeding muscle it increases blood flow to the muscles, reducing muscle protein breakdown, and
decreasing inflammation for faster recovery. It also helps really control high spikes in insulin levels which is great for diabetes prevention. The most effective fish oil I have found is by a company called SFH.

#2 Magnesium – Magnesium is an essential mineral required by the body for maintaining normal  muscle and nerve function, keeping a healthy immune system, maintaining heart  rhythm, and building strong bones. Foods high in magnesium include: unsweetened cocoa powder, nuts (brazil, almonds, cashews), and flax-seed or dried herbs.

#3 Vitamin B – A lack of vitamin B-12 in your diet can lead to anemia, fatigue, mania, and depression,  while a long-term deficiency can cause permanent damage to the brain and  central nervous system. So you can imagine how this is vital to your muscles. Foods like clams/mussels, liver, fish eggs, grass-fed beef, lamb etc.. are great sources of protein and vitamin B-12 (so its like a 2 for 1).

#4 Vitamin D – Vitamin D is an essential vitamin for the proper absorption of calcium, bone development,  control of cell growth, neuromuscular  functioning, proper immune functioning, and alleviation of inflammation. A  deficiency in vitamin D can lead to an array of issues like a weakened  immune system, increased cancer risk, poor hair growth, and osteomalacia, a  condition of weakened muscles and bones. In order to prevent that from happening here are some great foods to include: eggs, mushrooms, caviar, and salmon.

#5 Grass-Fed Whey Protein – This is a great “whey” to feed those muscles. It helps elevate cortisol levels, and fuel your muscles. Whey also contains a product called glutathione which enables the body to produce a healthier immune system. Whey Protein is also a very easy way to get nutrients down after exercise.

These are the key ingredients to really fuel those hungry muscles. Now you have the tools and information what foods are you going to start incorporating to keep you feeling lean and strong?

Fit Chic

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Is T.V. Decreasing Our Level of Competency???


Here is a really good article that I came across on CPMFITNESS’s Blog.

My husband and I recently got rid of direct t.v. and just have apple t.v. now and it has been the best decision we have made. We no longer waste time watching garbage and actually watch things that are going to activate our brains and make us think!

We are spending more and more time watching mindless television that we as a nation are actually dumbing ourselves down!

We need to get back to basics and begin reading, going outside, having actual conversations with people etc…..

Here is the link

What are some ways to incorporate more healthy activations for your brains Fit Ones?

Post in the comments below…

Happy Friday

Fit Chic