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Be Who You Want on the Inside and Get What You Want on the Outside …


I heard this term quite a few years ago (2005 to be exact) at a personal development seminar. I was hearing what they were saying, but I wasn’t ready listen to what they were saying until recently, then it Set IN!!!

The term, “Be the Be”, refers to what type of person you need to become (on the inside) to actually get to where you want to go (on the outside).

If your goal is to become the top sales person in your company, with that title in hand… How many calls are you making a day? How many appointments do you have each week? How many deals do you close each month? 

If your goal is to be in great shape (double body weight back squat, have a six pack, run a 5 minute mile); With those goals accomplished… What does your weekly workout schedule look like? What does a typical day look like of your eating?

If you begin to act like that future person you are trying to become then you will eventually become that person. Sounds simple right? More like easy in theory, hard in reality.

“Be the Be” digs deeper. More than mirroring the activity of your future successful self you have to work on the inside to produce the outside.

“Be the Be” focuses on what is going on in your head and your heart to get you were you want to go. If you want your goals to be permanent rather than temporary you need to work FROM THE INSIDE TO OUTSIDE .


Your brain makes your body move. The stronger your mentality is when life gets hard, or your get fearful, you will still do what it takes to move forward no matter the obstacle(s). You develop a ‘whatever it takes’ attitude and nothing can stop you!

When we focus on “Be the Be” we are concentrating on how that person thinks, feels and behaves. What it’s going to take for us to become that person is where the truth lies. We must understand and develop the level of energy, commitment, attitude and perseverance it is going to take for us get us to our goal(s). For example, if we were to just look at what Kobe Bryant did day in and day out, that can be a daunting task. Just by thinking about it, it can defeat us from the start. But when work on developing the drive that it is going to take, the determination we must have and the obstacles we must overcome in order to be this person. The activity will then become a by-product of this person we are developing into.

Start to find out how to develop a champions mindset and you will automatically begin to act in that manner.


1. Find one of your role models and learn all you can about them, how did they grow up, what it took for them to become this person that they are, what were they successes, setbacks, lessons they learned, what drives them to be better, etc… 

-If it is a celebrity or pro athlete I’m sure they have a book written about them or you can find lots of information to study about them. 

-If it is someone you know personally, take them out to eat and pick their brain with the similar questions. 

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Acts of Kindness


In our current Whole Life Chalenge we are doing with the gym, each week we are assigned to do something in our lifestyle. For example, one week was organize 10 minutes a day, one week was to read for 10 minutes, no social media, and other tasks that really help in our everyday life.

This past week was “Acts of Kindness”. Meaning each day perform a simple act of kindness toward anyone in your world — acquaintance or stranger.The acts have no size requirement. Small acts are as important as grand gestures.The acts need not cost money and you must perform the act intentionally

This was one of the most rewarding weeks thus far! Yes, helping someone else is nice for them, but it was more of a breath of fresh air for me. It uncovered how many little things you can do in a day to make people feel important and loved.

As we go into the “Thanksgiving” season, it is nice to just take moment and give thanks to those special people we come in contact with each day. Look to do some sort of kind act each day and see the wonderful benefits it will have in your life!

Happy Friday!

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Fit Chic LA’s Friday Quote

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I thought I would leave you all with a good quote to get you through your weekend….

“Do the thing you fear to do and keep on doing it… that is the quickest and surest way ever yet discovered to conquer fear.” – Dale Carnegie

Do something bold and out of your comfort zone this weekend Fit Ones.

What is it going to be? Post in the comments below….

Happy Friday!

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Criticism Is Key …


I listen to a morning video called Darren Daily. It is from the Entrepreneur Businees Guru Darren Hardy. Each day he provides you with a 2 to 6 minute video to help inspire, motivate, and keep you focused and driven to attain all it is out of life we can!

Thursday’s video was one that was too good not to share …He spoke about the positive power of Criticism. Successful people typically respond to criticism in a positive manner and learn from it ….

Darren Says “Criticism is a key ingredient to success and can provide you steps for improvement.
To learn how to do this right” …

So don’t take it personally and become angry or discouraged, use it to drive you, fulfill your purpose, and lead you on the path of greatness.

Here is a great action plan to keep you on the right path …

Seek criticism today.

Ask (at least) three people today for criticism.
Write down the names of who you will ask now:

Ask them about how you are behaving or what’s wrong with something you might be working working on.

Then ask them, “How can I make it better?”

This will be uncomfortable and maybe quite frustrating at first … but focus on the outcome and keep a positive perspective and it will be a great gift to you!

So get ready to get some productive feedback and today could be a life-improving day for you.

Happy Friday!

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The 10 Things To Give Up To Move Forward…

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Do you ever feel you are not moving forward in life, or you have hit a road block and don’t know how to get past it?

Here are 10 things that could be inhibiting you from moving forward in your life:

1. Other people’s opinion

This is something far too many people worry about. This is inherently problematic, as you cannot change someone else’s opinion. Everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion even if you do not agree with it or it’s completely inaccurate. You just have to concentrate on living the best possible life for yourself that you can. People who engage in incessant gossip are unhappy with their own lives so they seek to degrade others to try to enhance their self-worth. The kicker is that this will leave them just as miserable as before.

2. Explanations

At one point or another, you are going to realize that sometimes there just isn’t a reasonable explanation as to why something occurred the way it did. You can spend all the time you want rehashing things in your mind, trying to make sense of a situation, but honestly you may never come to a realization. This is something that takes a lot of time and experience to realize, but once you do, it really can make all the difference.

3. Expectations

The sooner you stop expecting people to act in certain ways, the happier you will be. Allow yourself to be pleasantly surprised by the actions of others instead of becoming disappointed when they don’t follow through in the manner in which you thought they would. You can only control your actions, not those of others, so it’s simply in your best interest to let people act the way they will without creating false hope.

4. Mistakes you made in the past

The past is over and if you have done all you can do to make up for your mistakes, then there is nothing else you can do at this point. If people throw this in your face, then you need to cut these people out of your life. It’s as simple as that. Everyone makes mistakes, it’s a part of growing up. As long as you correct your mistakes and learn from them, then that should be all there is to it.

5. Dwelling on heartbreak

Just because it didn’t work out with one person doesn’t mean it won’t work out with someone else. Rather than allowing your past to pull you down and harmfully impact your future, use your experiences to grow and learn about yourself. The people you meet in life come at the time they do for a reason. Don’t waste your time replaying incidents over and over in your head trying to make sense of them. If your relationship didn’t work out, it’s okay, take it as a lesson learned and carry that into your future.

6. Grudges

There is no reason to actively resent another person. It doesn’t harm the other person as much as it will harm you. Why are you focusing your energy on someone you don’t even care about? Do you really think they are wasting their valuable time concerning themselves with your actions? Just let it be — don’t engage in malicious behavior, you are beyond that. Leave whatever happened to cause this tension in the past and move on.

7. Failing to appreciate what you have

Instead of focusing on what you think you are missing from your life, try to focus on what you are so fortunate to have. It’s far too easy to look around at the people you surround yourself with and become jealous of what they have. Everyone is fighting a battle within that no one knows about. Just because someone has materialistic possessions does not mean he or she is internally happy. Be grateful for the things that are most important to you and relish them instead of focusing on what you believe to be missing. You have made it this far, so wouldn’t it only make sense that you have everything you need?

8. Excuses

You have to seize each opportunity that is presented to you and immerse yourself completely. Do not make excuses because you will only hinder your own personal progress and prevent you from achieving your goals. If you want results, you need to stop making excuses. Work hard and take advantage of all possibilities because that is the only way you will garner the largest and most beneficial results.

9. Insecurity

By this time in your life, there really is no reason to be insecure. Don’t consume yourself with worry about what other people are thinking — chances are they are way more concerned with themselves than you. Everything you have done up until this point is enough and has gotten you to this place in your life. Confidence is a state of mind; if you believe you are a good person with good values, then it should be enough to build your confidence. Insecurity is something that holds people back more than anything else and it’s a damn shame because the person making you feel the most insecure is yourself.

10. Dealing with drama

The only thing dealing with drama will lead to is anxiety. Why are people drawn to this? I honestly don’t understand. You need to surround yourself with people who are constantly pushing themselves for the better, if you are consistently surrounding yourself with negative people, this will only hinder your progression. Think back to all of the drama you have dealt with in your life and think about if it really has any effect on your life now. The answer to that question is usually no and the time put into dealing with that drama is just not worth it.

What are you going to overcome Fit Ones to help you move forward?

Post in the comments below ….

Happy Friday!

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Why Honesty Truly is the Best Policy …


When my husband and I were going through our “Pre-Marriage’ Counseling, we were asked to pick the top three qualities (from a list of 10) that we felt would constantly fill our love bank. My number 1 was “Honesty and Openness”  I have always been so honest (sometimes to a fault), as I would rather know the truth than to be lied to. Growing up I had an individual close to me who would constantly lie and not follow through. It tended to be about daily things like picking me up, or celebrating some special event, coming to my game etc ..

From a very young age I vowed that I would never do that to myself or someone else and I would always be honest and upfront because you can deal with truth. I have always stuck with that promise and even when it hurts or is uncomfortable I have felt you can find some common ground when the truth is on the table. When you are dealing with lies or deceit you can’t find a middle ground because there is no truth.

Honesty helps us to connect with both ourselves and others. Honesty isn’t just telling the truth; it’s being very specific in the way we tell the truth. The more specific and truthful we are,  the fewer the labels, generalizations, and comparisons we will have with each other and the more happiness we will feel.

The saying “the Truth will Set you Free”. It is very invigorating to not live a lie. The best part of telling the truth is you find that a lot of other people are walking in your same shoes. Or they can help you through your tough times, and be a support system to help you heal and find the “truth” and solve the issue.

So remember the truth always wins no matter how hard or deep rooted it is …

Fit Chic 

Organizing and It Feels So Good ..


I am currently participating in an amazing  Whole Life Challenge with our gym CPMFITness … It is not a just a nutrition challenge it really focus’s on health and wellness as a whole. There are 7 areas of focus …

Nutirion, Exercise, Sleep, Hydration, Mobility/Flexibility, Reflection, & Lifestyle. The lifestyle task changes from week to week. Our first week was meditation. Each day you had to find 10 minutes in your day to meditate. I was already doing this in my current life and it was actually great because getting into the routine of the challenge was plenty. So this week is Organization and I couldn’t have been more happy to see this! For @ least 10 minutes a day you have to find something in your life to organize, it can be home, business, technology, vehicles, minds etc …

I love to organize (once I start doing it) but it’s the one thing that I don’t prioritize to do. We are neat people but sometimes it feels good to just go through cabinets, closets, desks, etc and purge!

After organizing my pantry and spice cabinet last night, it felt very therapeutic! You fill accomplished, in order, and decluttered. Here are some reasons and strategies to get organized and feel great on the inside and out!

Cleaning Clears the Mind: 

Clutter in your home, car, or garage can have an effect on the brain. Your brain is trying to process too much too fast and clutter can clog your vision. Cleaning and organizing can help reduce stimuli and keep you focused on tasks and goals you would like to accomplish.

Clutter can also cause unwanted and unnecessary stress and anxiety. When clearing your clutter, you can revitalize your mind and reduce stress and gain hidden energy plus its very therapeutic!

Cleaning and DeClutter Creates a Good Workout: 

When undergoing your annual spring cleaning, you also are able to get in a nice all body workout. Lifting heavy things, maneuvering in tight spots, bending down for yard work are all movements for the perfect prescription for a great workout.

You Pay It Forward:

Keep a bag or box to which you can add items you longer want. Instead of allowing drawers and closets to fill up throughout the year with things you don’t need or want, create a place in your home where you can collect these items and then donate them in the spring as part of your regular spring cleaning. Then you can donate to great programs such as “Dress for Success”, Goodwill, Salvation Army etc …

Find a Home for Objects and Have 4 Categories for Possessions. 

Every object must have a home. Store them away so you know exactly where they are when you need them. This will eliminate wasted time and feelings of annoyance when you can’t find what you need, when you need them!
4 Categories:
  • Throw out: First go through and find anything that can be tossed. Include anything worn, broken, chipped, in disrepair, or items you haven’t used in years.
  • Donate: Go on a shopping spree for those that are less fortunate (as talked about in #3)
  • Not ready to part: Place these in a box labeled with the date. If you don’t go back to the box in a year, donate!
  • Find a home: Items you truly love should have a home within your abode. Find a place within your space.

Now you have the tools to clean out the clutter and get clarity for your home and your life!

Fit Chic 


A Quote to Keep Close …


This is a great quote to start your weekend off with a positive reflection!

You are who you tell yourself you are!

So be kind to yourself and love the beautiful you that you are!

Happy Friday!

Fit Chic