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Happy Birthday to My Little Fit Chic



Today is a very special day in my life! It was 14 years ago that the most amazing, beautiful (inside and out), tenacious little girl came in to the world; my sister! Since she has been born the world got better. She is such an incredible person and I am so blessed to call her my sis! In 14 years she has demonstrated that hard-work, dedication to her craft, and a kind loving positive spirit will get you far in just her 14 years she has been on this earth.

I knew from the day you were born that our sister bond was so strong and would NEVER be broken! Even though we are both not as close as we would like, we always have each other’s back and are there for each other when ever we need!

Happy Birthday to my best friend and my sis!

I love you lots MUAH!

Fit Chic

Fit Chic Quote of the Day!

quote to live by

These are 7 rules to live by!

Print this out and put it in a place where it is in your vision and can be a focus often!

Words that we ingest and books, phrases, emails etc that we read are very powerful and can make or break us!

Read words of encouragement and inspiration and see the direction that your life will follow!

What is your favorite rule out of the 7 Fit Ones?

Answer in the comments below…

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Happy Friday!

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The Definition of Fitccess: Having success with your Fitness!

There are so many types of fitness and methodology to follow, but those most successful programs seem to have VARIETY. When you workout with variety you keep it fun, train different muscle groups, get different intensities, and see the best overall results!

I’ve been using functional fitness as my training podium since 2007  and I have far exceeded all results I thought possible. I can always work on new things, some movement in my workouts are always difficult (sometimes daunting), and I always feel accomplished when i am done! Sometimes my workouts are long and sometimes I turn up the intensity and keep them short. It is a fun game for your body and your brain, and doing both helps keep me motivated and getting me closer to my goals I am working at for that season.

Programming for my gym CPMFITness is one of my highlights of my job. It is fun to look at movements and see how certain combinations can keep everyone feeling motivated, fit, and challenged all in one! CPM also helps me broaden my horizons and do things that I would not do training on my own! I also love that anything and everything can be scaled, so no matter what injuries or ailments you are dealing with you can still get a kick butt workout in a safe and effective training environment. I have had some nagging injuries over my career, and yet I have never missed a day of workouts. I have maintained my strength, my cardio, and my routine no matter what I am dealing with at that specific time. I have never needed to “Stop” I just changed my focus. For example when I had shoulder surgery I worked on strengthening my core, being mindful of activating my glutes and hamstrings, and being around positive motivating people who make this all worth it day in and day out!

We as humans want to have fun, feel good, and stay healthy fit with motivating people all around! What are some of the reasons you love fitness fit ones?

Post in the comments below ..

Fit Chic

You Have More Power Than You Even Know ….

great quote


This was a great picture that really put things into perspective for me!! I always say keep powerful words in your focus daily, and here is one to add to that focus!

We are who we believe we are!!!

Happy Friday!

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The Last Month of Goals for 2016 ….


It is the final month of 2016 (I can’t believe it)! Instead of waiting for New Year’s Resolutions get a head start on your goals for 2016 and continue them right into the New Year and 2017!

Here are some good guidelines to follow when setting goals so they are clear, concise, and effective:

#1 Set Goals That Motivate You – Make sure the goal has meaning and purpose behind it, and that there is value in achieving it! . If you have little interest in the outcome, or they are irrelevant given the larger picture, then the chances of you putting in the work to make them happen are slim. Motivation is key to making your  goals a reality.

#2 Write Down Your Goals: There is power in the written word. Studies show when you write something down it is much more likely to be attained. You can put it in your vision daily and it will be in the forefront of your mind.

#3 Create a Plan of Attack: – Start with the end goal then work backwards. Breaking it down to little steps to take each day/week/month etc .. to hit that ultimate goal. For example if you want to loose 15lbs, start with planning a meal plan for the week, then scheduling your workouts out (or finding a workout program) and then literally treating it like an appointment. Do this week to week and before you know it you will be in a great routine and on your way to hitting your ultimate goal!

#4 Create Urgency: When you have a timeline or deadline for your goals your sense of urgency increases and achievement will come that much quicker.

#5 Make Your Goal Positive: We are much better at approaching what we DO want than avoiding what we don’t want. So for example instead of saying “I don’t want to eat junk food”. Write “I am going to add more vegetables and add more water to my diet”. This has a much more positive spin and will make you focus on the good not the bad of your goal! 

Make Goals Happen There’s still plenty of time in 2016!

Fit Chic 

How to Stay “Fit” For the Holidays …


My husband Chris and I  teamed up with KDLT to bring you some helpful tips and tricks to be the healthiest and happiest you can be this holiday season. Now you won’t have to start the year off with “weigthloss” as your New Year’s Goal! The best way to stay on track is keep yourself on a plan, maybe not make it about you, and hit goals that you know you can hit!

The average person gains about albs during the holiday season, and to make matters worse they don’t typically lose that weight in the New Year!

So grab a workout Buddy to be active with each day, gain “Zero Pounds“, and Workout for a “Cause” to make 2017 your most successful year yet!

Happy Friday!

Fit Chic 

Fit Chic’s Thoughts of Thankfulness

I am so Thankful for the wonderful blessings in my Life!
I am so Thankful for the wonderful blessings in my Life!

As I was sitting at the dinner table on Thanksgiving Night, we all went around and said what we were thankful for…..

I had so many things running through my head that I could not process this question into one answer. There was so much I was thankful for, and I wanted to say it all;

How did I condense this question into one sentence…

and why should I have to?

I am thankful for my friends and family!

I am thankful for my health and ability to educate people on their health and well-being.

I am thankful for the gifts and talents that I have been given and that I am able to empower others to follow suit.

I am thankful for my husband who encourages me, pushes me, and makes me want to be a better Fit Chic!

So Fit Ones…. What are some of the things that you are thankful for?

Please Post in the comments below…

Fit Chic

A Friday Gratitude Quote …


Since Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to give thanks and find gratitude in all that we have ..

I thought this quote would leave you all feeling empowered to start your weekend off right!

Have a wonderful holiday weekend ..

Fit Chic 

We Are What We Believe We Are…


Do you ever become really hard on yourself after your workout is over?

“I should have gone harder, done more weight, got more reps etc” …..

Why is this?

Why can we not just be grateful for the fact that we should up, or that we accomplished something in the hour of class?

I was talking to a client recently and we were talking about how refreshing it was when we decided to take the focus off “beating others times, or beating ourselves up over situations that really don’t play a big role in the whole scheme of things” .

I recently heard a very memorable quote from the great John Maxwell saying “You have to be thankful for the place you are in, in order to get to the place you want to go”.

This is so true, and i myself need to focus on this daily. How is beating ourselves up going to be healthy for our fitness and our mental state?

Wouldn’t it be a much more enjoyable healthy way to live, if we could be proud of ourselves for all the wonderful tasks we are completing in life, instead of looking at the things we can’t!

Sometimes it takes an event or series of events to gain clarity on what really is important in life, but why do we have to have something serious happen why can’t we just gain a positive perspective now!

I will be training a client and they will finish and say “Well I only did this amount of weight, or I used a band, etc.. I always correct them and tell them to eliminate the word only and be proud of the work that they put in!

Here are some great ways to keep perspective in your daily habits and life in the gym …

1. I am a better person for walking through these doors today no matter what the outcome!

2. I am going to enjoy each moment, my coaches, and my friends while I am in here.

3. I am going to remove all negative thoughts and words from my vocabulary when I step into my gym doors.

4. I am going to encourage others and help cheer them on, taking the negative pressure off myself and using my power for the good.

5. If I don’t perform to my full capabilities I am not going to be less of a person, it is only more incentive to fight harder and become better each time!

What are some positive quotes you are going to tell yourself Fit Ones? What is a negative habit that you will change for the positive?

What comes out of our mouths and what we tell ourselves is a HUGE reflexion of where we are at! Start focusing on the fantastic individual that you are and see how much quicker the results will happen!

Post in the comments below….

Fit Chic

Friends Friday ..


I found a great article in the Huffington Post about how friends can actually make your lifestyle healthier ….

The friends in my life are therapeutic, enlightening, and help you through the lows of lows and the highs of highs.

We currently don’t live by family and Chris (my husband) and i often say how blessed we are to have such wonderful friends in our life! Our friends are truly like family and without them I don’t know where I would be today…

So this weekend and into the next week of “Thanksgiving”, enjoy your friends and everything they have to offer to your life! From fun dinners and/or drinks, workouts, motivation, trying something new, and just “hanging out” together.

Phone a friend this Friday and add so much to your day!

Fit Chic