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Put the “I” in Intensity….

Chris is putting the “I” in Intensity!

Wikepidia’s definition of Intensity is: the quality or state of being intense; especially : extreme degree of strength, force, energy, or feeling.

So what exactly does this mean…. and how the heck do we get there?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, and have pretty much done every type of fitness activity you can do, but the one thing I lacked was “Intensity”.

I could stay on an elliptical from sunrise to sunset, but I was not seeing physical or mental gains. I was lacking the big “I” and it was keeping me from all of my fitness goals.

When I first discovered CrossFit, I was pretty skeptical. First off, no workout typically lasted longer than 30 minutes and was spending 3 hours in the gym. Secondly there was “heavy” weights and I did not want to get “big”, and last I was satisfied with my routine and not willing to step out of my comfort zone.

I wanted to lose some weight for my wedding, so I decided to give it a try. Low and behold not only did I drop those last 5lbs I wanted, I was loving the way I was feeling! I decided since it had worked so well for my wedding that I would keep on with the program, and see if it could lead to anymore results.

Not only did it lead to results, it CHANGED MY LIFE!

I started understanding the word intensity and the results showed. I no longer had to be on an elliptical for 2 hrs, if I could be much more intense in 10 minutes.

I made a choice that every WOD (workout of the day), that I encountered I would take on full force and be the most “intense” that I could be.

Some days I did walk away feeling defeated: “I could have pushed harder”, “I shouldn’t have dropped the weight”, “I should have run faster”, but at the end of the day I was still performing with intensity!

My body has now completely been transformed and I no longer look at the scale, calories, or body fat. I focus on the big “I” and all my results seem to fall right in to place.

It has been very interesting these last 3 weeks, I have recently relocated from South Dakota to my home town of Los Angeles. I am now working out mostly on my own. I was SO afraid that I wouldn’t push myself to the degree that I did with my fellow Crossfitters standing by….

but that is not the case… I was shocked at the amazing things you can achieve when you rely on your mental push and your intensity. I have PR’d on my back squat by 25lbs, I have made myself do workouts that I don’t want to do, I completed one of the most hellish workouts in CrossFit and took 5 minutes off my previous time.

All because I put the “I” in intensity! So I challenge you to find your “I” and push it to the next level. The results will amaze you!

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What Does Your Perfect Day Consist Of?

Here is a picture of my husbands “Perfect Day”

Many of us get into our routines in our daily lives, so much that we forget what truly makes us happy! I have had made it a priority this past year to use the gifts that I have been given and really do what makes me happy!

I bet if you take a poll and ask people what their perfect day consists of, or what truly makes them happy? Over 50% would not be able to answer right off the bat. We let work, family, and “things” get in the way of finding “true” happiness.

So I have now started asking my clients, “If you had Groundhog Day every single day What would your day look like”?

Here is mine: I would start out with a morning workout, eat breakfast, go to Coffee with my hubby and sit outside; relax and read. I would train my clients. Then I would go for a run or hike and take in all the beautiful scenery with my mom! I would pick up my sister from school and take her some place she enjoys. Then for the evening I would (try to fit another workout LOL), cook a delicious dinner, and go out for “Date Night” with my Husband.

It is not over the top. It is actually very simple, but makes me happy and excited! When I am frustrated or having a bad day I envision this and it puts a smile on my face!

I challenge each and every one of you to write down your “Perfect Day” in the comments and on a piece of paper for yourself!

Keep this in your wallet, car, or someplace that you will always see it! This will change and evolve just like we do, so make updates as needed!

Live your “Perfect Day” and see how happy you can truly be!

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I Guess This is as Good as it is Going to Get!

Through my many years of training, I have heard and seen it all from : “I am just big-boned”, “I naturally have big legs”, “I guess this is just as good as it is going to get”, and so on and so forth. I too, felt like this… from high school on I have always felt this way. I had tried every diet imaginable and I do mean imaginable!

I would go months on end without eating a gram of fat, I tried every diet known to man, and the more I tried the more frustrated I became and the bigger I got!

I was 22 years old, working out 3 to 4 hours a day. I would literally spend 2 hours on the elliptical, then go to some form of group exercise class. The more I did the less I lost. My diet pretty much followed the same. I was  on the “Coffee Bean” processed food diet. I would drink coffee all day and eat rice cakes, sugar-free anything and could not lose a pound! I always felt sick and bloated with no idea why….

When I was 21, I found out I was “gluten intolerant“. I had no idea what that meant, and when given the list of foods to avoid, my diet would now be starvation! Everything I had been eating had some form of wheat, flour, or gluten, and now I did not know what to do.

I started to make changes to my diet and slowly but surely my body started to change. Not only was my body changing but I was feeling better all around. I was sleeping better, had more energy throughout the day, and I was even getter better grades in my college courses.

When I was 25 I was getting married, and like every bride I wanted to lose those last five lbs to look perfect in my dress! My husband Chris had been following this website called “CrossFit” and he was seeing tremendous results so I thought why not give it a try! Low and Behold on my wedding day I had dropped the five lbs I had been holding on to and felt great on my Big Day! I figured if it had worked for my wedding, why not keep on with it and see where it will lead…..

Well now as of 2012, my results have been life changing! I am in the best shape of my life! I am eating more than I ever have, and I am the thinnest I have ever been (by maintaining a Paleo Lifestyle). So it is a myth…. We are not born “big-boned”, we can restructure our bodies, and we do not have to starve ourselves to make it happen! Here is a picture of me before and after…..

This is me Before….
After… what a difference diet and CrossFit makes!

What steps and changes are you going to make to conquer your goals?  ….. comment below…..

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This is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life….

Flying Over Los Angeles

My husband and I have just sold our gym in Sioux Falls, SD where we have lived for 2 years and moved back to Los Angeles where we grew up. As I was flying on the airplane descending into Los Angeles I thought to myself….this is the first day of the rest of my life!

So let me define what this means to me.

When we started our gym 2 years ago, I was  a person that was scared to live. I didn’t want to make a move in fear that I would not do the right thing, when in reality, I wasn’t going anywhere at all by living like this.

I started to slowly step out of my little box and take myself out of my comfort zone. If I was going to be an example to my clients, I had to be the best I could be. The more I started to grow the more I wanted to grow. The fear subsided and I was looking at the world in a new light. I was no longer in fear, I was in control. My workouts became more intense and I got stronger physically, mentally and emotionally. I wanted to explore more out of my comfort zone.  Consequently, the more I did the more I accomplished and the more confident I became.

January 10th, 2011 was the first day of the rest of my life because I am actually living life. I feel that the world is at my fingertips and I can accomplish anything with the right mind set and hard work! So, I challenge you to live your life to the fullest, step out of your comfort zone in your gym, your job, and your life and live the first day of the rest of your life!

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Hello World I’d Like to Take a Moment To Introduce Myself!

As a fitness coach I have been striving to push people to their ultimate goals for the past 7 years. Since I can remember, my life has been involved in and around fitness. I was a gymnast and dancer and throughout high school I played basketball, tennis, volleyball, and ran track. I also played tennis at the collegiate level.

Making a difference in someone’s life and getting them to their personal goals has always been what drives me as a fitness coach. There is no better feeling in the world then seeing people make goals for themselves and strive to achieve them. Throughout my fitness journey, I have really focused on getting clients to gain a knowledge about fitness and make healthy choices for their life. One of my biggest passions is focusing maintaining a healthy lifestyle by making it fun not daunting. My number one fitness goal is to make fitness a daily habit in people’s lives.

My experience through my fitness journey has not only improved my physical goals but also my mental goals, my marriage, relationships with others, and the goals for my future.  I am a huge advocate for CrossFit and have owned a CrossFit gym for a little over 2 years. With CrossFit you can obtain goals you never thought possible. Every time you complete a workout you prove to yourself that you can do something you didn’t think was attainable. CrossFit has not only made a positive impact on my body, it has had a positive impact on my life! The quote I think of every time to drive me on a daily basis is, “Excellence is Earned Not Given.”

I have created this blog to show people how to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle and have fun doing it.