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It’s National Fast Food Day …


Drive past the drive-thru this “National Fast Food Day” today! Instead, make these healthy recipes at home that taste just like your favorite fast food choices without all the negative side effects!

Here are my Fit Chic Top 5 fast foods recipe picks:

Avocado Burger One of the most loved fast food treat from In and Out to Burger King, Five Guys etc  are all famous for their delicious mouth watering burgers well now you can have the delicious taste and not wait in line to get it!
 Chicken FingersFrom Kids to Adults of all ages, chicken fingers are one of the most popular fast food items to order off the menu! Place like Chic Filet, Popeyes, etc .. make people smile well now you can smile even brighter with this delicious chicken finger recipe!
 Milk Shake –  Cake Batter .. America’s most loved fast food dessert .. Dairy Queen, Culvers, and Wendy’s have people savoring every bite .. No need to wait for dessert with this healthy and delicious shake that will make the whole family want to stay in for their treat!
 Egg McmuffinI love fun ways to create new recipes with america’s most loved foods. Here is a great variation of the ever so popular “Egg McMuffin”.
Fries – These baked French fries will become a favorite in your home, and they taste delicious on their own, paired with the bison burger or chicken tenders—or even dipped into that homemade
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5 Things To Do with Your Left Over Halloween Candy


Have you gorged on Halloween candy and still have tons of leftovers? What can you do with all your leftover Halloween candy so that you (and your family) don’t turn into a candy corn? Here are some great ideas so that your candy can go to good use other than the trash. ‘

Donate It
Now you can feel like you are helping your waistline and a cause. Here is a great link to some wonderful causes that will benefit from your Halloween Left overs.

Ship It to Troops
This is a great project for you and your children to do together. Operation Shoebox Halloween candy program ships packages full of goodies to troops as another way of saying thank you for their service. They also put a call out for toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste for some seriously responsible indulging.

Use it as holiday decor

With Christmas around the corner, saving candy or freezing some in small plastic bags can easily be used for some holiday decorations. Treats can be used to decorate a gingerbread house or used to make Christmas ornaments. You can also use it as stocking stuffers or table decorations.

Use it for a party

Pinatas are often reserved for children’s birthday parties but let’s face it, adults love them too. Stuff your left-over treats into a pinata or make a board game and use the candy as game pieces. Now you can have fun and not feel bad for it!

DIY Project candy: craft, count, sort and match

Help your kids learn by using various candies to count, and match and sort colors. M&M’s, Skittles, Starbursts, jelly beans, and other colorful candies are the perfect tool! You can have your kids sort the colors, find the correct sequence, and count how many of each color there are. Now you can use the candy to educate your children.

Now you don’t have to let all that Halloween Candy go to waste!

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What 100 Calories of Halloween Candy Actually Looks Like ..


Halloween is all about the treat of the trick!! We come home with mounds and mounds of candy and what do we do with it all?

Well before you go to town on that orange pumpkin candy carrier look at what a 100 calories of candy actually looks like to you.

Here are ten popular candy trends this Halloween …

2 bite sized Butterfingers = 90 calories 

1 fun sized Snickers = 90 calories

2 1/2 Reeses mini cups = 110 calories 

2 strands of Twizzlers = 80 calories

4 1/2 hershey kisses = 100 calories 

5 starbursts = 100 calories

13 pieces of candy corn = 100 calories 

20 M&M’s = 100 calories

25 skittles = 100 calories 

1 fun sized kit kat = 70 calories 

Fun and bite size Halloween candy can add up quickly so this is a good guide for you to stay balanced have a little treat and stay on track with your health and wellness.

Happy Halloween!

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Chocolate’s That Actually are Beneficial This Halloween …


Everybody loves Halloween Candy, but most know how bad it can be for our overall health. But what if you could enjoy your trick and your treat this season …

Here are some great chocolate options to look for when choosing your delectable treats ..

  • Fair Trade Certified
  • Non GMO
  • Organic and Environmentally Safe
  • No Soy Lechitin

Brands you will love:

  1. Fair Trade (Trader Joes)
  2. Cocoa Compassion 
  3. Lindt’s 80% Dark Cacao Chocolate
  4. Green and Blacks 
  5. Theo’s 

Now treating that sweet tooth won’t leave the tummy grumbling and will keep your face smiling ….

Happy Friday!

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Good Vs. Bad Competition ….


This past Saturday we competed in a local competition with some great people from our gym CPMFITness. I have competed in the past and it has not been enjoyable or fun. This was the first competition I had participated in, that people were encouraging, laughing, and enjoying their time there!

Good Competition vs. Bad Competition

Something very good or something very bad can happen to you…

You can become motivated beyond what you ever thought possible.


You can fall into the bermunda triangle of COMPARING yourself to others, their scores and begin to
question your training, success you have had thus far and began to self sabotage yourself.

Competition is a way to provide context to your training and gives you purpose behind everything you have been working for in the gym day in and day out.

Good Competition

Competition can bring out the best in you. I fully believe that you can not recreate the environment, intensity and your highest level of performance during the heat of this great competition. Participating will put you in the game and can result in raising the bar for yourself. You will operate at a much higher level because everyone else is operating at a much higher level. And by you pushing yourself you in turn will push others around you. It is infectious!

Competition can you show you the light to your potential. You can be a part  of something much bigger than yourself. You can see how people really not that  much different from you can put up extraordinary numbers.

Competition shows you exactly where you are at today. The mantra I hear often is “prove your fitness”. Everything you have done up to this point will result  in exactly how you ‘should’ perform in the games. This can be very empowering  and motivating. All of the workouts, strength work, running, mobility you have done will show up no matter what workout is. So if you are not satisfied where you end up with your scores and  goals, consider this is your BIG WAKE UP CALL! The kind of wake up call that can be a life changing and transform you into a more motivated, focused and dedicated athlete. Not to mention an all around better person:-)

Bad Competition

It is very easy to NOT check your ego at the door. With the high-end focus and  atmosphere of competition. Do not let yourself fall into the trap of  COMPARING yourself to others performances. This kind of comparing is you  actually judging yourself against people who you know very little about.  You have no idea what type of work these people put into to produce their results.  You don’t know what kind of athletic background they have. You can’t compare  yourself to someone who is a former competitive gymnast, or has been  weightlifting for 10 years, or played college sports, and you just started 6 months ago?!?!

You are exactly where you are supposed to be. All of you efforts you have done, all of your training prior to competition, your entire  fitness/sports history has brought you exactly where you stand today. And the same goes with the people you can’t help but compare yourself too. Be proud of  yourself. Your progress. Your results. The potential you have.

My hope is you use the competition as a measuring stick for yourself. I hope you use the positive energy to catapult your mental and emotional inspiration to a level you never thought possible for yourself.

Post your thoughts in the comments below:

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Five Fit Chic Ways to Reduce Stress Eating..

Don't Let This Be You Fit Ones!
Don’t Let This Be You Fit Ones

One of the biggest complaints I hear from clients is they need to reduce stress and live a healthier lifestyle.

So here are 5 very easy adjustments to stay on your track with those goals…..

#1 Have an alternative for your go to “stress” food or snack – For example if you are a chocolate lover, reach for the Trader Joe’s 70% cacao dark chocolate and have a square even put a little almond butter if you are a reeses fanatic. If you are a salt lover try this sweet potato chip (you can use zucchini as well) recipe.

#2 Get it out of your house! – Have you ever heard the term “Out of sight out of mind”. If you don’t have it in your house, desk, around period then you won’t be tempted to grab it.

#3 Eliminate all processed foods – I am talking about the 100 calorie packs, protein bars riddled with chemicals, rice cakes etc.. These foods send triggers to your brain to crave and eat more of the bad stuff! Replace these foods with veggies, fruits, nuts etc.. and you will be satisfied longer and crave less.

#4 Drink more H2O – A lot of times we reach for foods because we “feel” hungry, but we are actually just dehydrated. Drink a 20 oz glass of water and wait about ten to fifteen minutes and if you are still hungry then reach for the healthy snack of choice.

#5 Sleep – This should actually be #1 because it is the most important! Getting a good nights rest is vital to your snacking success. When we sleep, we keep our cortisol levels normal which eliminates the “hunger pain”. This way you won’t snack and you feel like a million bucks.

Now that you have all the tools for reducing your stress eating, what are you going to do about Fit Ones?

Post your comments below….

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A Fit Chics Guide to the Hangover Cure!


After a weekend in Vegas this is the perfect blog to follow…

Here are some helpful hints to ease that hangover and not let your day become a total waste!

#1 Drink Plenty of Water – Being dehyrdated plays a major role in your hangover! Water helps to replenish your body and flush out those alcohol toxins. If your stomach is really not happy try drinking some sparkling water.

#2 Physical Activity – When your hangover is here sweat it out! Exercise is a great way to get you off the couch and get you feeling better! You will also get that great endorphin rush, and you can metabolize that liquor much faster too.

#3 SLEEP – Nothing cures a hangover like some good ol fashion zzzz’sss. Alcohol is metabolized at the rate of .015 of blood alcohol concentration (BAC), or roughly one drink every hour, meaning those extra cocktails can quickly add up. Sleep can heal all of those unwanted calories and by metabolizing last night’s happy hour you will feel much better. Just make sure to remember tip number 1 too!

#4 Eat — Eating food will help break down and process the alcohol in your system. It will also provide energy if you’re feeling like a couch potato. A great hangover food is eggs and bacon (grease is great for an upset stomach)!

What are some good hangover cures that have really helped you Fit Ones, and what are some of these on the list that you are going to use?

Post your answer in the comments below…

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Don’t Feel Tired This Friday ….


When Friday roles around many of us are feeling the wrath of the week and have nothing left by Friday night. Typically my husband and I keep Friday’s low key because we are so tired from Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we have about enough energy to shower and put our jammies on Friday night (sounds super exciting huh) …

Here are some great tips to give you just the surge of energy you need to maybe live it up this Friday night!

Here is a great Energizing Routine and Kit from MINDBODYGREEN: 

Items You Will Need: 

  • A box of tissues
  • A spray bottle of thermal water or a facial mist
  • 1 to 2 bottles of essential oil — I recommend basil or rosemary and grapefruit or lemon.
  • A small, firm rubber ball
  • A bag of raw almonds and/or a bar of good 80 percent cacao dark chocolate

If you don’t have these items, make a note to pick them up and keep them in a little box — your kit will be ready whenever you need it. In fact, if you make this sequence a regular part of your day, you may prevent the energy crash entirely.

Minute #1: Oxygen

1. Blow your nose to clear your nasal passages.

2. Spritz your face with thermal water or a toner.

3. Sit up straight and place your hands on your knees.

Breathe in as deeply as you can, and hold your breath while you say these three words in your head: healthy, able, strong. Release the breath very slowly. Repeat four times.

Why it works: When we forget to take deep breaths, tiny sacs in our lungs, called alveoli, get lazy and deflate, decreasing the amount of surface area available for gas exchange. We take in less O2, and release less CO2. Holding your breath for a few seconds at the top of each breath creates slight pressure in the lungs and pops open the lazy alveoli so they’re ready to work. More oxygen = more energy. Thinking positive thoughts while you’re oxygenating your cells will remind you of your ability to heal yourself. And misting your face provides oxygen — plus two hydrogens (H2O) — to your skin.

Minute #2: Aromatherapy

1. If you’re having trouble concentrating, try rosemary or basil. If you’re feeling glum, try grapefruit or lemon.

2. Put 1 to 2 drops of your oil in a clean tissue, and hold the tissue in your cupped hands.

3. Inhale and exhale normally 10 times. Leave the tissue on your desk for the rest of the routine.

Why it works: You’ve just cleared your airways, so molecules from your essential oil can make their way to your cribriform plate (behind the top of your nose). There, they come in contact with olfactory nerve endings, where messages travel instantaneously to the limbic system. Your limbic system handles memories and emotions and connects with the endocrine and autonomic nervous systems. With basil or rosemary, you’ll notice an immediate feeling of mental clarity, and an enhanced ability to focus after about 10 minutes. With grapefruit or lemon, you should feel happier: Citrus essential oils are antidepressants.

Minute #3: Massage

1. Put the small ball on your desk. Place one forearm on the ball (palm facing down), and roll the ball along the length of your forearm, guiding and pressing down with your free hand. Repeat on the opposite side.

2. Slide your shoes off and roll each foot over the ball with a bit of pressure, covering the entire area from your heel to the ball of your foot.

Why it works: Massage mildly increases levels of serotonin and dopamine, which increase positive feelings. It also decreases cortisol levels, resulting in stress reduction and increased immunity. Here, you’re focusing on two areas that do a massive amount of work. Our forearms control our fingers and thumbs, which do all our writing, typing, texting, and scrolling. The soles of the feet contain thousands of nerve endings and the tendons that move our toes. It’s not quite acupressure, but it’s close.

Minute #4: Stretching

1. Do five seated cat-cow poses with your hands on your knees.

2. Stand up straight and bend your knees as far as you can while keeping your heels on the ground. You should feel your lower calves and Achilles tendons. Hold for 10 seconds.

3. Reach your arms overhead and bend your body to the left, banana-style. Hold for a few breaths and repeat on the other side.

4. Stand up straight and clasp your hands behind your low back. Straighten the arms as you lift and open your chest for several breaths.

5. Keep the hands clasped while you bend forward at the waist, bending the knees slightly. Let the blood go to your head for a few seconds, then stand up slowly.

Why it works: Stretching, like exercise, releases endorphins. Also known as endogenous opioid polypeptides, endorphins are chemicals that decrease pain in the body and increase a feeling of well-being. It’s not crazy talk from your runner friends — it’s real science and it works, even in small doses!

Minute #5: The Smart Snack

1. If you’re bored and prone to snacking, have a small handful of raw almonds.

2. If you have a sugar craving, choose a small square of high-quality dark chocolate, letting it linger on your tongue until it dissolves.

Why it works: Both snacks are very high in manganese, magnesium, and copper, all critical to brain function. They are also rich in antioxidants, great sources of energy, and contain enough fat to leave you satisfied after eating only a small portion.

Remember, this five-minute tool is designed to support you through a mini-slump. It won’t make up for an unbalanced diet, too much alcohol, or not enough sleep and exercise. So make sure you’re doing your best to promote your overall health, and use this routine when you need a boost!

Natural Remedies To Relieve Pain …


You don’t need to dose yourself with Ibuprofin, excedrin, Ben Gay, or tums to get rid of pain. In fact, you might have the relief you need right in your spice rack or pantry.

Research has found that taking over the counter drugs can lead to gut barrier dysfunction—and may ultimately cause more pain long-term. Here are some tips and tricks to take the pain away with a natural/holistic approach.

# 1 Have Peppermint for Headaches & Migraines – This fresh-smelling leaf has ingredients which help control blood flow in the body. Headaches and migraine pain are often due to poor blood flow, and peppermint oil helps to open and close the vessels that promote flow. Peppermint home remedies also open up the sinuses so that more oxygen can get into the bloodstream.

#2 Vitamin D for Back Pain – Chronic low back pain is a leading cause of disability, often resulting in a reduced quality of life. What if that could all change with a little bit of sunshine and a Vitamin D supplement? Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, so without enough vitamin D, you won’t get enough calcium. Without enough calcium, your bones can weaken, potentially leading to bone and joint pain, or musculoskeletal pain.

#3 Omega 3’s for Joint Pain – Omega 3’s like fish oil and salmon really help reduce inflammation throughout the body and feed your muscle so your muscle and joint pain decreases. It increases blood flow to the muscles, reducing muscle protein breakdown helping with faster recovery.

#4 Spices for Cramps –Cinnamon has antispasmodic, anticlotting and anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve menstrual pain. Plus, cinnamon is an excellent source of dietary fiber, calcium, iron and manganese. Ginger is an herb that can ease menstrual cramps. This herb plays a key role in lowering the levels of the pain-causing prostaglandins. It also helps fight fatigue associated with premenstrual syndrome and can make irregular periods regular.

Now you don’t have to go to your local drug store, you can get the relief you need right in your very own home!

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Organizing and It Feels So Good ..


I am currently participating in an amazing  Whole Life Challenge with our gym CPMFITness … It is not a just a nutrition challenge it really focus’s on health and wellness as a whole. There are 7 areas of focus …

Nutirion, Exercise, Sleep, Hydration, Mobility/Flexibility, Reflection, & Lifestyle. The lifestyle task changes from week to week. Our first week was meditation. Each day you had to find 10 minutes in your day to meditate. I was already doing this in my current life and it was actually great because getting into the routine of the challenge was plenty. So this week is Organization and I couldn’t have been more happy to see this! For @ least 10 minutes a day you have to find something in your life to organize, it can be home, business, technology, vehicles, minds etc …

I love to organize (once I start doing it) but it’s the one thing that I don’t prioritize to do. We are neat people but sometimes it feels good to just go through cabinets, closets, desks, etc and purge!

After organizing my pantry and spice cabinet last night, it felt very therapeutic! You fill accomplished, in order, and decluttered. Here are some reasons and strategies to get organized and feel great on the inside and out!

Cleaning Clears the Mind: 

Clutter in your home, car, or garage can have an effect on the brain. Your brain is trying to process too much too fast and clutter can clog your vision. Cleaning and organizing can help reduce stimuli and keep you focused on tasks and goals you would like to accomplish.

Clutter can also cause unwanted and unnecessary stress and anxiety. When clearing your clutter, you can revitalize your mind and reduce stress and gain hidden energy plus its very therapeutic!

Cleaning and DeClutter Creates a Good Workout: 

When undergoing your annual spring cleaning, you also are able to get in a nice all body workout. Lifting heavy things, maneuvering in tight spots, bending down for yard work are all movements for the perfect prescription for a great workout.

You Pay It Forward:

Keep a bag or box to which you can add items you longer want. Instead of allowing drawers and closets to fill up throughout the year with things you don’t need or want, create a place in your home where you can collect these items and then donate them in the spring as part of your regular spring cleaning. Then you can donate to great programs such as “Dress for Success”, Goodwill, Salvation Army etc …

Find a Home for Objects and Have 4 Categories for Possessions. 

Every object must have a home. Store them away so you know exactly where they are when you need them. This will eliminate wasted time and feelings of annoyance when you can’t find what you need, when you need them!
4 Categories:
  • Throw out: First go through and find anything that can be tossed. Include anything worn, broken, chipped, in disrepair, or items you haven’t used in years.
  • Donate: Go on a shopping spree for those that are less fortunate (as talked about in #3)
  • Not ready to part: Place these in a box labeled with the date. If you don’t go back to the box in a year, donate!
  • Find a home: Items you truly love should have a home within your abode. Find a place within your space.

Now you have the tools to clean out the clutter and get clarity for your home and your life!

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