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So What’s So Bad About Gluten Anyways?

Just Say NO!

We have all seen or heard about the new “gluten-free” fad. Go into any grocery store and the “gluten-free” labels are staring you in the face.

But why? What is so harmful about eating gluten (especially in moderation) anyways?

Well if you are like me, I am a why person! So here is your answer:

I found this great blog by Mark Hyman MD taken from the Huffington Post on the the effects gluten has on your body.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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Eating on the Go….

Looks Like This Guy Comes Really Prepared!

With our busy schedules these days, a lot of us have to eat on the go.

It is very hard for most people to grab something “healthy” in a convient store or at a fast food restaurant so instead we go for what we want instead of what is good for us.

Over the last few years I have really dialed in on my diet and learned how to make smart choices in any situation…. and the key to doing this is planning ahead!

Most of us know when we are road tripping, going on a business trip, or even vacationing with family and friends. If you are prepared then you will not be tempted to make those choices that you always regret later anyways.

Here are a few helpful tips that will get you on the road and on the way healthfully:

Road trips: pack a cooler and include beef jerky or turkey jerky (preferably grass-fed), include raw nuts (make your own trail mix with raw nuts, dried cranberries, and unsweetened bananas), cut veggies (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, peppers etc), larabars, cold cut slices, and fruit.

For Planes: I tend to be a purse stuffer, I usually include larabars, trail mix, apples, and Jerky. Also, since airplanes include nothing now, this helps you to not die of starvation either!

When making lunch decisions with either just yourself or your family here are a few stops that have really helped me in the clutch:

McDonald’s: Southwest Grilled Chicken Salad with no cheese and no tortilla strips or you can also get the Grilled Caesar Salad and get balsamic dressing instead of the caesar. You can get a grilled chicken sandwich or any burger and tell them to wrap in lettuce in hold the bun. You can sub the fries for apple dippers or a side salad as well.

Subway: They make very fresh salads with chicken, tuna or deli meat. I like subway salads because I can control what I put in them. They also have balsamic dressing which is really tasty.

Arbys: You can ask for any roast beef sandwich and just tell them to hold the bun and include a side salad. A lot of our clients in the past really loved this route.

You can also go to any local grocery store in the town where you are at, and find their delicious salad bar. This way you can control what you put on it but you still have a yummy meal that tastes delicious.

In and Out: You can always ask for any burger with no cheese and protein style and they will make it with no questions asked.

Burger King and Wendy’s: You can do a Burger with no bun, or choose their grilled chicken salads with no cheese. I know that Wendy’s has side options as well.

So there are really no excuses, the next time you are going somewhere plan ahead or take these helpful tips with you when driving through. I guarantee you will not only feel better, but you will look better as well!

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The Best and Worst Brands of Water Bottles You Can Buy…..

Which One Would You Choose?

I came across this article and thought it was very useful information that would be interesting to all of us. I got this article from “Shine” on Yahoo.

I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did!

How much do you know about the bottled water you drink? Not nearly enough, according to a new report released today from Environmental Working Group (EWG). “Bottled water companies try hard to hide information you might find troubling,” says Jane Houlihan, senior vice president of research for the Washington D.C.-based research and advocacy group.

EWG analyzed the labels of 173 unique bottled water products and company websites to determine if companies disclose information on where water comes from, how or if their water is treated, and whether the results of purity testing are revealed. The nonprofit also looked at how effective (and advanced) any water treatment methods are. Researchers followed up by calling dozens of bottled water companies to find out which ones willingly tell consumers what’s in their bottles.

The Environmental Protection Agency says on its website that consumers have the right to know where their water comes from and what’s in it so they can “make informed choices that affect the health of themselves and their families.” Tap water is regularly tested and consumers can find their local water info online. That’s not necessarily the case with bottled water, which is not required to disclose that information to consumers. “Bottled water is a food product and every one of these companies is complying with federal law,” says Tom Lauria, of the International Bottled Water Association.

More than half of the bottled water products surveyed failed EWG’s transparency test –18 percent didn’t say where their water comes from, and another 32 percent did not disclose any information on treatment or purity of water.

Only three brands earned the highest possible marks for disclosing information and using the most advanced treatment methods available – Gerber Pure Purified Water, Nestle Pure Life Purified Water, and Penta Ultra-Purified Water.

On the other end of the spectrum, these six brands got the worst marks in EWG’s report because they don’t provide consumers with the three basic facts about water on product labels or their company website – Whole Foods Italian Still Mineral Water, Vintage Natural Spring Water, Sahara Premium Drinking Water, O Water Sport Electrolyte Enhanced Purified Drinking Water, Market Basket Natural Spring Water, and Cumby’s Spring Water.

How does your bottled water brand stack up? Here’s a look at the 10 top-selling* U.S. brands:

1.     Pure Life Purified Water (Nestle), EWG grade = B

2.     Arrowhead Mountain Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = C

3.     Aquafina Purified Drinking Water (Pepsi), EWG grade = D

4.     Dasani Purified Water (Coca-Cola), EWG grade = D

5.     Deer Park Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D

6.     Ice Mountain Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D

7.     Ozarka Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D

8.     Poland Spring Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D

9.     Zephyrhills Natural Spring Water (Nestle), EWG grade = D

10.  Crystal Geyser Natural Alpine Spring Water (CG Roxane), EWG grade =  F

Filtered tap water received the best grade (an A) from EWG because if you change your filter regularly, EWG says it is purer than bottled water, plus it saves money (bottled water can cost up to 1,900 times more than what flows from your tap). Drinking tap water also takes less of a toll on the planet. EWG offers plenty of tips for filtering your water, so that you can drink the healthiest water possible.

[Related: Giving up bottled water saves a shocking amount of money]

What should you do when bottled water is your only option? “While our top choice is filtered tap water, when you do need to choose bottled water, we recommend brands that tell you what’s in the water and that use advanced treatment technologies like reverse osmosis and micro-filtration,” says Houlihan. Advanced treatment technologies remove pollutants that other methods don’t. You should look for bottled water products that tell you where the water is coming from and how pure it is.

Here are the results for all 173 bottled water brands included in the report. You’ll find that some less popular brands rank even lower than our list of top-sellers.

The advice to drink filtered tap water can seem confusing when there are often reports about the contaminants found in municipal water supplies. Just last month, for example, EWG announced that cancer causing hexavalent chromium (chromium-6) is in 31 cities’ tap water. Houlihan says chromium-6 is as likely to be in your bottled water as it is in your tap water and we need action from the federal government on this. She points out that a reverse osmosis filter can remove the worrisome contaminant. You can guarantee its removal in your home supply, but in many cases you don’t know what’s in the bottle you’re drinking from.
For more information on this feel free to go to the website …..

Now you will think twice before purchasing your water ……

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When All Else Fails Modify….

Over the past nine months I have learned many different ways to modify exercises and my workouts.

I had shoulder surgery back in May 2010 and it has been an uphill battle since. I am a workout fanatic and the thought of resting is not in my element of thinking! So what did that leave me with …. modification. I had surgery on a Wednesday and by Thursday I was back to working out.

Just because my shoulder was injured, didn’t mean I couldn’t use my legs and butt and abs! If there was pullups I did box jumps. If we lifted I would back squat. For kettlebell swings I would use my one good arm.

My one big fear through out this process, is that I would lose my strength and stamina; but I didn’t!

Other people with injuries, started to see this and instead of taking a break from their workout routine, they modified.

Whatever the workout of the day was, I would turn it into a workout that was attainable to my clients and to me.

I have had members with broken feet, legs, elbows, back issues, shoulders, neck (just about every injury or set back you could have), and they have still managed to get a killer workout and maintain their strength and results in the process.

What limitations do you have that are keeping you from obtaining the goals that are possible?

In the comments below leave any potential issues and I will give you an exercise or workout to modify this!

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Who Knew Sleep Was Just as Important As Exercise…..

I found this blog from our old gym and I thought you all would really enjoy this!

sleep, Sleep, SLEEP! We all need it. We all know we need it. So why do we get it?

Work, family, kids, homework, friends, social life, T.V, internet, etc…All the stresses of LIFE!

For most of us, we have or are putting our Health way up high on our priority list.

Now within the health list of priorities SLEEP is at the TOP! Yep, the TOP!

“Sleep deprivation mimics many elements of the aging process. One could make the argument that how you feel when you are sleep deprived is likely how you will feel if you are both diabetic and old (sleep deprivation dramatically impacts insulin sensitivity). Improved sleep time and quality will help you: Lean out, avoid depression, autoimmunity, heart disease…it might even help you be a better athlete. This is a very interesting article for me in that coaches simply tried a schedule more conducive to better sleep and they saw immediate performance improvements in their players. They also dumped the AM shootaround session and saw improvements. More down time, less junk “mileage”.” Taken from Robb Wolf site.

Sleep is an integral part of living a healthy life and I am going to recommit myself to this task! I’ve read a bunch of sleep advice and the common threads are as follows:

1.Make a regular sleep schedule, including weekends.
2.Use your bed for sleep and sex only, use your laptop, watch tv and do your homework someplace else.
3.Avoid eating large meals, caffeine and alcohol at least 3 hours before bedtime. Alcohol may make you sleepy at first but it fragments your sleeping stages and a small snack is ok if you have an empty stomach.
4.Create a bedtime ritual, reading a book or taking a hot bath are both good recommendations. The bath will raise your body temperature and as you cool down your body will fall into a sleep state more naturally.
5.Make sure your sleep environment is dark, quiet and cool. Make sure you have good blankets though!
6.Exercise regularly. This is best performed during the daytime or no more than 3 hours before bedtime.
7.Go to sleep when you’re tired. Sounds obvious, but if you are in bed with the lights out for more than 15-20 minutes, get up and do something else until you get tired.

So take the smart approach and get those zzz’s!

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What If CPM Fitness and Fit Chic Procreated?


My husband and I recently sold our gym in South Dakota, and relocated to our home of Los Angeles. After working together for over 2 years, we thought we would part ways in business for a while and do our “own thing”. We still wanted to get people to their fitness goals through nutrition, working out, and overall wellness, but not as one unit.

As we began training on our own, we realized we were missing our better halves and what a great team we were together. We could touch so many more people if we were doing this as a team.

My husband has a blog and a training business called CPM Fitness (which are both amazing by the way). As we all know I am a “Fit Chic”, so what does that make?

We are opening the doors to our new venture Tuesday February 8th and need your creative minds to help CPM and Fit Chic become one…..

Please put your wonderful ideas in the comments below

or you can comment on my husbands blog at

Can’t wait to hear what you everyone comes up with!

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What is a Healthy Diet Anyways….

Here are the effects of an unhealthy diet.. Don’t let this happen to YOU!

Diet (and by diet I mean lifestyle not cabbage soup), is a key component to improving health, fitness, goals, and all aspects of wellness!

There is an overwhelming obsession in our nation with being thin…. but with millions of diet fads how can we tell whats a hoax and what works. I as many women my age have tried as many diets as Hugh Hefner has women, and they all seemed the same. You would get all pumped up to start on Monday, and by half way through the week you were either sick to your stomach from the same food, or feed up and bingeing. I got to the point I was so sick of dieting that I decided I would just drink Coffee Bean for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If it worked for the Olson twins it could work for me!

I was starving all the time, and the more I worked out the more weight I gained. “How could this be”? Not only was I counting fresh air as points in my weight watcher program, but I had seen the gym more than my apartment, and the lbs were not dropping!

Right around this time I found out I was gluten intolerant. There were not the abundance of products out there that they now have today (8 years later), and I was at a loss for what to eat. I began researching and finding new ways that I could eat what the average american does, but make it healthy and taste good too! I removed all the processed food, and started to eat more fresh nutrient foods. When my friends would come over, or we would go out to eat all of a sudden my food looked and taste more appealing to them than theirs.

I began to create gluten free dairy free recipes like pizza, lasagna, cookies, cakes, pancakes, even Thanksgiving dinner and everyone that tried it had the same response: “This doesn’t even taste healthy”. and that is when it all started to make sense; the light at the end of the DIET tunnel. If you don’t feel like you are on a diet, but you still feel like you are getting those foods you love there is no obsession. We do not have to be perfect, think if it like an ATM The more deposits we make (ie healthy choices) the more money we have, if we make a with-drawl every once in a while (ie cheat), it is not going to drain our account because our deposits still out weigh the debits.

My husband always uses a good quote, “there is a reason the word DIE is in diet”. The more you restrict, the more you shut down, and in the end you are not healthy at all. All I did was make a few small changes that made a lifetime of difference. Since not eating dairy or gluten I now rarely get sick, I have more energy than ever before, and I feel healthier overall.

In the weeks to come I will be posting several of my most popular recipes… try them out and begin to make those small tweaks that will lead to a healthier way of life. If you are able to eat healthy and still make it taste delicious why not give it a try!

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The Importance of Stretching and Flexibility

Now this is some flexibility!

Stretching and flexibility are the key components to injury prevention, being able to work out no matter what your age, and rehabilitation. I recently had shoulder surgery, and did my 6 weeks of physical therapy. When my 6 weeks was done, I got clearance from my Doctor to “Go back to doing what I was doing” (so I did).

At first everything was great, I was lifting as much as I did before surgery. I could pull, push, press, and dip with no pain at all. But as I continued to push the envelope, my shoulder began to deteriorate quickly! I was missing a link … the doctor told me I was cleared, so why was I in more pain now than ever before?

The answer was lack of stretching and flexibility! I was so focused on working out hard, that I let working out efficiently go by the wayside. I see my husband day in and day out stay so disciplined with his stretching. It can be 10 at night and he will be diligent about it, and the results really show! He is never hurt, he is always feeling good, and he even sleeps more comfortably at night. I can honestly say I would not be in the predicament that I am, if I would have made stretching and flexibility a priority, instead of getting another workout in.

Here are some cause and effect of stretching:

A lack of flexibility seems to be a contributing factor to the onset of injuries and overuse problems like tendonitis, bursitis and lower back pain.

Flexibility training allows greater movement and improved posture, increases physical and mental relaxation, releases muscle tension and soreness and reduces the risk of injury.

So you choose, do you want age to just be a number, or be what stops you?

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There Are Just Not Enough Hours in the Day….

A lot of us in today’s world have so much on our plate that we don’t even know where to begin. From Family, Work, church, recreational activities, we keep compiling, but unfortunately we still only get 24 hours!

I find that even though fitness is one of the most important aspects to one’s wellbeing we seem to always fit it in WAY down the list. I have heard all the excuses there are, but bottom line I have seen families with 5 children, single working mothers, people with disabilities, and perfectly healthy people that are just dedicated to living a healthier life.

My husband and I always laugh when people come to us and say “I am just not finding enough time”, because bottom line, your health is just not that high on your list of priorities. Somehow that same person is able to keep up with the Kardashians so why not the Gym? ….

I have devised a plan for no excuses.. If you can’t make it to the gym workout at home. I have worked out in 2oo square foot hotel rooms, on the side of the road, in just about every confining/random place you could find, and you know why… because I am committed! I have made my health a priority!  With health being at the top of my list,  I will live longer with my husband. I will be a more active, encouraging, example to my children. I will be a a motivating friend, daughter,trainer, and mentor for others around me because of the choices that I make.

I have an eight year old sister, and tonight she came to me with her workout clothes on, music blasting, and a Workout that she said was “going to kill me” (and I think it did :]). She is making those same choices, and that is the most rewarding experience for me!

I have compiled a list of workouts below, and copied a link of 50 at home workouts for you to not make excuses and in the words of NIKE “JUST DO IT”!!! Don’t start on Monday, start today, Don’t wait for things to heal, Modify, and most importantly DON’T LET YOURSELF OFF THE HOOK with your life!

> 140 walking lunges
> 60 situps
> 50 box jumps
> 40 burpees
> 30 pushups
> 20 cleans
> 10 turkish getups
> 6rds
> 30 box jumps
> 20 med ball clean
> 10 burpee
> 50 inverted burpees
> 40 box jumps
> 30 push press
> 20 pushups
> 10 deadlifts
> 100 squats
> 10 deadlift
> 20 pushups
> 30 db PP
> 40 box jumps
> 50 burpees
> amrap 20
> 800 m row
> 20 wallball
> 20 burpees
> 20 box jumps
> 20 OH squats
> 20 tricep dips
> 20 ring dips
> 400 m row
> farmer walk 100 meters
> Dirty 30
> 30 box jumps
> 30 jumping pullups
> 30 kb swings
> 30 WL
> 30 K2E
> 30 Push Press
> 30 back extension
> 30 wallball
> 30 burpee
> 30 DU
> 10 rds
> 5 burpee
> 7 deadlift (135)
> 10 wallball
> 400 singles
> 40 wall squats
> 300 singles
> 30 burpees
> 200 singles
> 20 pushups
> 100 singles
> 10 turkish getups
> 100 singles
> 20 pushups
> 200 singles
> 30 burpees
> 300 singles
> 40 wall squat
> 400 singles
> 50 burpee
> 20 DB thruster
> 25 wallball
> 30 KB swing
> 35 pullup
> 40 box jump
> 50 situps
> 200 squat
> Amrap 20
> 5 jumping squats, 10 pushups
> 15 kb swings
> 20 DU
> 50 burpees
> 25 thruster
> 50 squat
> 25 pullup
> 50 squat
> 25 DU
> 50 squat
> 25 kb swing
> 50 squat
> 50 burpees

Here is the link for 50 workouts you can do just about anywhere:
Here is a picture of the workout my 8 year old sis created:

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