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Why Am I Feeling So Fatigued???

Don't Let This Be You This Summer Fit Ones....
Don’t Let This Be You This Summer Fit Ones….

With the hot summer month in full effect… some of us are feeling much more tired and fatigued than usual.

If this is you, here are a few possible explanations as to why, and how to turn that fatigue into feeling fantastic all summer long!

# 1 Dehydration –

With the heat to astronomical temperatures, it is very easy to forget to DRINK WATER! Water is the key ingredient to help flush out the systems toxins and replenish the body with essential vitamins and minerals.  If you are feeling sluggish, light – headed, or abnormally hungry you may just need to drink a nice tall glass of H2O to get you back on track.

#2 Bright Lights Before Bed –

If you are having trouble sleeping or shutting your brain off at night, it could be because you are “energy zapping” yourself. If you are not allowing your body to get some shut-eye in a relaxed state it may be prohibiting you from feeling the best you can. Make sure to turn the television off at least 1 hour before bedtime. Grab a book or do some light stretching with candlelight or dim lights to help you sleep efficiently. A good nights rest will lead to more energy which will help you feel great through out your week.

#3 Over-training

Now that the weather is enjoyable and stays light much later, it is easy to “over train”. Over training can elevate your cortisol levels and keep you wired and unable to sleep and or eat like usual. Especially when it is hot, you have to make sure you really “fuel” your body with adequate hydration, nutrition, and rest. To keep you feeling and looking fantastic all summer long!

#4 Iron and Omega 3 Deficiency –

Iron and Fish Oil really help fuel your body to run like a well-oiled machine. If you are not getting the recommended dose ( for iron at least 18 milligrams per day and here is a fish oil calculator to help find the perfect dose for you). Your body could be in a fatigued state which could be causing anemia, exhaustion, and adrenal burn out.

Now you have the tools you need to stay energetic in these beautiful summer months. Make the most of these cherished days and remember these four rules on a daily basis to keep you on the road to feeling the best you have in years!

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Fit Chic Tips to Get a Good Sweat Quickly…


With our crazy busy lives it is very easy to lose focus on our fitness. We can make excuses as to why we don’t have the time to workout … or we can just block our 10 minutes and give yourself a really good sweat.

If you say you don’t have 10-15 minutes in your day you are lying to yourself! The average american watches (according to the Huffington Post) 4:31 minutes a day, and we spend 100 million minutes a day playing “Angry Birds”. We don’t have to go to the gym for two hours a day in order to get a good workout!

Here are some great tips to help you in a time crunch that will make you feel great and look even better!

#1 Tabata:

This is an interval training exercise from Dr. Tabata 8 rds of 20 seconds of work 10 seconds of rest.

You can do this with many different exercises: Burpees, Situps, squats, and pushups are great fat burning and sculpting exercises.

#2 Jump Rope:

Grab a jump rope and set the timer for 10 minutes and jump. Every minute switch from single jumps, to running, one leg, double unders, etc. Every time your rope stops perform 3 burpees.


The burpee is the overall best total body exercise. You get cardio, core, legs, and arms all in one! Do two minutes of max burpees then rest 30 seconds and repeat this 4 times.

#4 Do Plyometrics:

Plyometrics really get the heart rate up give you a fantastic sweat that will make you feel like you did an hour of work in just 10 minutes!

Create 5 stations and go 2 times through switching after each minute.

1. Tuck Jumps

2. Side to side hops

3. Flutter Kicks

4. Jump Squats

5. Jumping Jacks


Find a hill, and sprint up it for 15 seconds. Take 30 to 45 seconds to recover repeat 10 times. These types of speed intervals are fantastic for burning fat and giving you the booty you desire!

Now you have all the tools to throw your “time excuse” out the window! Just 10 minutes a day can keep the doctor away….

What are some of your favorite exercises or workouts that you do in a time crunch?

Post in the comments below….

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What’s Collagen and Why Is It So Good For Me?

First off what is collagen and what exactly does it do? 

Collagen is a gelatinous substance found in the connective tissues—our bones, skin, ligaments, and tendons. Collagen is packed with beneficial amino acids and is a complete protein, which is why people often rave about its benefits when it comes to strengthening skin, hair, and nails.

Collagen is also an amazing way to restore gut health. “For the same reasons collagen helps repair and grow muscle tissue, it serves as an excellent nutrient source for rebuilding the rapidly dividing cells that line the interior of the gut.

So How can it help me? 

It can help improve hair, skin, and nails:  Collagen protein is essential to healthy hair, skin and nails, your natural production decreases with age. Increasing collagen intake can  make your skin appear more firm and smooth by renewing and repairing cells. Some studies have also shown that supplemental collagen can actually reverse hair loss in some cases.Many people don’t realize that by adding collagen to your diet can also help in reducing the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks. When skin loses its elasticity and becomes thin, cellulite becomes more obvious. Collagen can help to increase moisture retention, improve elasticity, and helps smooth out that dimpled appearance.

Recover from your workouts: With its gel-like, smooth structure that covers and holds our bones together, collagen allows us to glide and move without pain. Think of ingesting more collagen like greasing a creaky door hinge: It helps your joints move more easily, reduces pain often associated with aging and even reduces the risk of joint deterioration.

Enhance and repair gut health: The biggest digestive benefit of consuming collagen is that it helps form connective tissue

Help with metabolism:  By adding lean muscle mass to your frame and helping with the conversion of essential nutrients. One of glycine’s most important roles is helping form muscle tissue by converting glucose into energy that feeds muscle cells. And remember that retaining muscle mass is crucial as you age, since it helps support posture, bone health and burns more calories than fat

So where and how can you get it?

You can go to your local health food store or order it online here. 

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3 Reasons White Wine Keeps You Fit …

Now that warm weather is on the horizon, and the need for something refreshing is upon us, it’s time to take a closer look at white wine. Lucky for all you chardonnay and pinot grigio lovers, it actually comes with its own host of good health benefits.

Three of them, to be exact ― enough reason to grab a glass, a wine opener, and a sunny patio.

Here’s the health benefits you can get out of a glass of white:

1. White wine can help prevent heart attacks, increase the amount of HDL “good” cholesterol and decrease the chances of blood clotting. White wine also has anti-inflammatory properties, meaning it can be helpful in reducing pain associated with some chronic conditions.  Flavonoids, the antioxidant found in wine, can help prevent cancer.

2. Just like red, white wine can help improve metabolism and contribute to weightless. According to a 2004 study from the University of Hohenheim (Germany).  The study found that patients interested in losing weight and on a calorie-restricted diet may benefit from drinking white wine.  A diet with 10 percent of energy derived from white wine was found to be as effective in assisting weight loss as a diet with 10 percent of energy derived from juices–plus the additional benefits from consuming wine.

3. White wine Makes You Smarter: Resveratrol may help improve short-term memory. After just 30 minutes of testing, researchers found that participants taking resveratrol had a significant increase in retention of words and showed faster performance in the portion of the brain associated with the formation of new memories, learning, and emotions.

So now enjoy that glass of wine with dinner!

Happy Hump Day!

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Fit Chic Tips to Crave Not Cringe Your Workouts ..

Your alarm sounds, it’s early am (even the sun isn’t out), you hop out of bed throw on your workout clothes(if you don’t sleep in them) and get right to your workout. This is like you right? ..

Probably not, I would say majority of people have a good intention to workout but when it comes to the choice of staying cozy in bed or grabbing a kick butt workout you would choose your bed. Well now you won’t need to stay in bed any longer. Here are some healthy tips and tricks to put more pep in your step and make your look forward to your alarm instead of dread it!

Fun is First – Make your workout fun, not only physically, but also socially by inviting friends and having them keep you accountable too! Now you can catch up with your friends and keep your health a priority! Bottom line, if it’s not fun why do it?

Come Into Your Workout with Gratitude – Being thankful you are able to move, grateful you are enjoying the beautiful outside, Focus on the positive feelings you experience while you are working out which will help to boost your mood during and definitely after the workout.

Find a time that works best for you and Schedule it –  Find a time that works with your schedule and keep it consistent . The best way to create a habit is to create a routine where the brain learns to crave it at a particular time of day.

Focus On How Good You Will Feel When You Are Done – Get those endorphins flowing and the more they flow, the more you will crave workouts. This will also make you excited and optimistic about your workout and make it much more enjoyable all the way around!

Start with 15 minutes – It doesn’t have to be a huge amount of time, to get the job done. You can do a lot in 10 15 minutes (read more here .. ) . Once you get comfortable with that maybe add another 5 minutes or Monday, Wednesday, are 30 minutes and Tuesday Thursday are 15 or less.

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Fit Chic’s Guide to Drinking Responsibly

Which Bottle Are You Going to Pick?
Which Bottle Are You Going to Pick?

Today is Cinco De Mayo and just because you have made your health a priority does not mean your social life has to become extinct.

Here is some great advice on how to drink responsibly and not feel like you have completely sabotaged your goals in the process.

I personally have used these tips when going out, and I never feel hungover, too drunk, or unhealthy. So try it out for yourself, and feel what a difference tequila and soda water make!

# 1 Act like a Fine Wine: – red wine in particular. Because of antioxidants such as resveratrol, which can help prevent damage to blood vessels, lower “bad” cholesterol, and prevent blood clots, when consumed in moderation, red wine is often considered to be a healthy alcoholic option!

A tip I like to use it drink a glass of water before I order and after I finish my glass. Now I am drinking two to three glasses of water for every 1 glass of wine and keeping my body hydrated.

#2 Add Soda Water and Lime to Tequila – This has a low sugar content, very refreshing, and keeps you hydrated and satisfied! This is a Fit Chic Margarita that will leave you feeling festive not foggy.

# 3 Avoid Beers and Stick to Low Sugar Ciders – Beer is made from wheat, barley, and hops which inflames us, bloats us, and gives us a gut that isn’t healthy for us. Try Cider Beers which are fermented beer from apples and or pears.

Watch out for Cider Beers that are high sugar content and stick to the following brands below: Crispin Cider


ACE Cider

Colorado Cider

# 4 Stick to clear booze  and add a splash– like vodka (derived from potatoes), or bacardi (white rum),. I love the Bacardi O and soda water with fresh oranges. You can do lemon vodka and fresh lemons with water or soda water. You can also tell your bartender to make a vodka soda water and add a splash of cranberry. Now you are getting the cranberry taste without the loaded sugars and calories.

Also the key is to drink earlier in the day that way by 9,10 o’clock you will be ready for bed,  just when your body and mind are ready for bed too. The more sleep that you get, the better your body will feel!

So try it out for yourself, and feel what a difference tequila and soda water make!

Happy Cinco De Drinko!!!

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It’s Cinco De Mayo Week Celebrate with These Fun Ideas ….

Looking to celebrate Cinco De Mayo but don’t want to wake up feeling like you Cinco De Drink’d too much ..

If you’re planning a big bash or you want healthier versions of your Cinco De Mayo Favorites …

Naked Fajitas – These are delicious and nutritious and keep you in the Cinco De Mayo Spirit!

Fit Chic Margarita’s 2 shots of white tequila a Juice of 1 lime, 1 tablespoon of juiced orange and a Splash of soda water (I like orange, lime or lemon).

Piñata – If you think about it, whacking a piñata takes some skill, strength, and endurance.Even more fun is to put healthy treats like mini lara bars, or small gum packets, with little toys or gadgets. So now you can have fun and get a sweat on.

Eat Avocados – Holy Moly is Guacamole Delicious and a perfect way to Celebrate and keep you feeling happy and healthy! Here are some great reasons to add some avocado in your life …They regulate blood pressure. They have the best “Fat” for you that helps reduce bad cholesterol and give your body the antioxidants it needs. They help absorb the nutrients of other foods.. They make any recipe taste great!

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4 Reasons to Fire Your Trainer …

When trying to workout it can be information overload ..

What is right? What is Wrong?

How do I know if I am working to my full potential etc ..

Well here are 4 tips to know if you should hire or fire your trainer …

#1 If you lift weights your gonna get big! – Check out my blog on why lifting weights will not make you big it will actually do the opposite!

#2 There’s Only 1 way to do a movement – For example squatting research shows that there is not one “perfect” way to do a squat. There are a lot of elements that go into a squat or even a pushup. We all are built so differently and have different areas of tightness which effects the way we would teach a movement to our clients.

#3 You need to weigh a certain number for your Height –  No one has the ability or right to tell you what a proper weight is. Every body is different. You were not meant to look like anyone else and your body’s proper weight is what makes you feel confident and comfortable. Stop letting a number on the scale have so much power.

#4 Anyone can do “these” workouts – Come check out my class, it’s for all levels.’ We have all heard this line, and then get to the class and have no idea what we are doing and why we are here. As a trainer for 15+ years I think the best way to start something is by “interviewing your gym” first and seeing what it is they are offering and if it is a right fit for you. Then you will know (and hopefully be coached) on what class is or is not right for you!

Happy Friday!

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Top 5 Fit Chic Yoga Poses for Awesome Abs …

Yes abs are made in the kitchen, but they can also be “defined” in your yoga practice!

Here are my favorite yoga poses that create rockstar abs and get you stretched and feeling great in the process.

#1 Boat Pose: This pose strengthens abs, quadriceps, back muscles, and hip flexors. You can  modify the pose by bending the knees or you can hover above the ground, be parallel to the mat, or extend into full boat

#2 High/Low Plank -This pose engages your core and activates front and side abdominal muscles.

#3 One Arm Balance – This pose tests your balance and strengthens your obliques, shoulders, and glutes all in one!

#4 Warrior 3 – With this great balance pose your core has to stay engaged the whole time in order for you stay balanced and stable.

#5 Triangle – My personal favorite pose. This is great for stretching your legs, muscles around the knee, hips, groin, hamstrings, shoulders, spine, and obliques.

Triangle also helps with function in the abdominal organs (aiding in digestion), and relives stress.

Triangle also helps with function in the abdominal organs (aiding in digestion), and relives stress.


Now you have the tips to making your abs a priority this spring and the best part you get a good stretch in the process!

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Top Fit Chic Apps To Download to Keep You Healthy and Happy

Keeping track of your nutrition and health is vital to see where you started, where your going, and a plan to get there.

Here are my top 5 favorite apps to help keep your health a priority!

#1 My Fitness Pal – has one of the largest food databases available in a food tracker, Whether you’re making something at home or eating out, MyFitnessPal can help you log it, and supports a number of popular restaurant menus. As you log your food, you get a complete picture of your diet, not just your overall calorie intake—that includes your sodium intake, your vitamin intake, cholesterol intake, and other nutritional information that can give you a better idea of what you’re eating beyond a simple daily calorie limit. It also has a Huge community which is great for support, recipes, tricks, tips, and motivating success stories.

#2 Meal Logger –  works on your desktop, iPhone, or Android and is super easy. Instead of entering each food and portion size individually, you just snap a picture of your food and upload it to your journal. You can also put a note that corresponds with your picture (i.e. “2 scrambled eggs and sweet potato”). Keeping track of your food literally takes 30 seconds! It also is fun and not so obsessive as some apps out there. You can also add a “Daily Note”, which patients have been using to enter some of the symptoms they had that day, keep track of blood sugar levels, or let me know that they had a stressful day.

#3 Shop well -tells you what’s in the food you’re buying at the grocery store and offers suggestions of new foods to try that fit with your lifestyle.
Simply scan any item in the grocery store and we’ll give you all of the information about that product. Create a profile with your food interests, and we’ll suggest similar products that best match your interests right in the store you’re standing in.

#4 My Diet Coach – helps you find your inner motivation, stay on track, make healthy lifestyle changes, resist food cravings, avoid exercise laziness and other weight loss difficulties by setting goals, tracking progress, good reminders (to drink water, walk, etc), motivation, fun rewards (who doesn’t like rewards) …

Now you have all the tools to make this year the most successful one yet!

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