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Top 5 Fit Chic Items to Keep in Your Gym Bag this Year ..

items in your gym bag

With New Year’s Resolutions in FULL EFFECT here is the perfect chance to be prepared for every situation, so that you won’t have anything stop you from hitting your New Year’s goals!

Keep these essential items in your workout bag and make this your most successful year yet!

  1. Patterned Leggings: Get your chic printed workout leggings so you can arrive at the gym feeling comfortable and chic!
  2. Hydration Salts : This is the perfect electrolyte tool to refuel and rehydrate your body when you are on the go! They contain a blend of various vitamins and minerals to help promote a more consistent intake of water and nutrients.
  3. RxBar – Sometimes you need a quick snack before or after your workout. These are the perfect bars to have on hand at all times. They don’t contain additives,
  4. Water Bottle – This bottle is trendy, durable, and easy to tote around in your gym bag. It keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12. it features a wide mouth that makes it easy to fill, add ice cubes and clean.
  5. Socks and Sports Bras – The two most common items that are left behind and essential for your workout.. Keep these in your bag for ICE (in case of emergency) situations.

Now you have the tools to make this 2016 your most successful yet!

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Thanksgiving Left Overs for Beauty????

Who Knew This Delicious Meal Could Also Be Beauty Treatments…..

Now that we are completely turkey’d out and probably don’t want to even look at a pumpkin pie…. we don’t have to trash those leftovers we can actually use them to beautify ourselves!

#1 Apple Cider

“Apple cider regulates the skin’s pH, plus it has high amounts of alpha-hydroxy acids that eat away at dead and dull skin.” The oats in the mask have natural cleansers called saponins that help remove dirt, oil, and other buildup, while the enzymes and vitamin C in the fresh lemon juice evens out skin tone and the brown sugar exfoliates.

3/4 teaspoon apple cider
3 teaspoons ground oats
3/4 teaspoon fresh lemon juice
1 1/2 teaspoons coarse brown sugar

Directions: Combine cider and oats in a bowl to form a smooth paste. Add lemon juice and sugar and stir to combine well. Apply to cleansed skin and let sit for 5 to 10 minutes to allow ingredients to work away at the top layers of the skin. Then rub in circular motions to promote circulation and help exfoliate off dull skin cells. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

#2 Potatoes

“Potatoes are known for getting rid of acne, lessening wrinkles, de-puffing eyes, reducing the appearance of dark circles, and evening out skin tone,” says Cara Hart, spa director at Corbu Spa & Salon in Cambridge, MA.

Mashed potatoes (It’s fine if they contain butter, dairy, or seasonings)

Directions: Spread potatoes evenly over clean, damp skin and leave on for 15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and follow up with a moisturizer of your choice.

#3  Brussel Sprouts

“Brussels sprouts contain vitamin C, which has a firming effect, and egg whites can tighten and minimize the appearance of pores,” says Tyson Kim Cox, master esthetician at Nival Salon and Spa in Washington, D.C.

1 Brussels sprout, cooked
2 egg whites

Directions: Puree ingredients into a frothy foam in a food processor. Apply liberally to a clean face and leave on skin for at least 10 minutes before rinsing with warm water.

#5 Pumpkin

“Pumpkin is known to be a source of more than 100 beneficial vitamins and nutrients, including alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids, which have been shown to promote smoother, younger-looking skin by increasing the rate of cellular renewal,” says Golee Kheshti, aesthetician at Ona Spa in Los Angeles.

1 part pumpkin puree (It’s okay to use pie filling, as the sugar will exfoliate and any dairy won’t harm your skin)
1 part extra virgin olive oil
2 parts sugar

Directions: Mix all ingredients and apply to dry skin in circulation motions over your entire body, then rinse off in a warm shower.

#6 Champagne

Before you pour the rest of that uncorked bottle down the drain for fear it will only go flat, pour it into your bathtub. “The carbon dioxide in champagne tightens and constricts pores,” says Kristin Fraser Cotte, CEO and founder of the Grapeseed Company. And while Epsom salt detoxifies your skin in plain water, the bubbles in bubbly intensify the process, she adds.

1/2 cup Epsom salt
1 cup powdered milk
1 cup champagne
1 teaspoon honey

Directions: Combine salt and powdered milk in a bowl, then add champagne. Warm honey in the microwave for 30 seconds and add to the mixture. Pour into running bath water and, when the tub is full, soak for as long as you wish.

Now you will look great and save money while doing it!

What natural remedy are you going to use this Holiday Season Fit Ones?

Post in the comments below….

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A Fit Chic’s Guide to Socks For Your Sport….

I think These Fit in the Category of All 8 Sports!

For most of us socks seem so simplistic, so why is choosing the right one so daunting?

Here is a great guide to choosing the perfect sock for your sport! Now you will be able to feel the most comfort all while getting a kick-butt workout!

#1 CPM Classes: I suggest “Skins” it is a high-compression sock that is required for specific muscle groups to aid in comfort and prevent injury.  You can purchase these at Swim Outlet – $50

#2 Weightlifting: Many of my clients complain of cuts and bruises after lifting, so here is a great sock from 5.11 Tatical that will eliminate this problem. – $12

#3 Cycling: Here is a great cycling sock that will allow your foot to maintain stability and not slide around in your shoe. Pearl Izumi Attack Sock – $13

#4 Running: So many of us have such problems finding the perfect running socks (especially in the heat). They are either too low and cause blisters, or too high and slip down. Here is a comfortable, enjoyable, and affordable running sock – North Face Arnuva Quarter Sock – $15

#5 The Everyday Gym Sock: This is the perfect sock for a typical routine done at gym. The New Balance Enhanced Sock – $12 (3 pack)

#6 Hiking: Here is a great trail sock, that will keep you feeling comfortable and durable throughout your scenic adventure. Point 6 Merino Tech Sock – $14

#7 High Impact Sports – For your athletes that are doing a sport where you get that heart-rate through the roof and have the sweat to prove it, here is the best sock for you. The Wigwam Sock keeps your feet dry, and aids in blister avoidance. Wigwam – $14

#8 Snow Sports – Here is a great sock that keeps your feet feeling all warm and cozy while in the frozen tundra. Smart Wool Sock – $20

Now you can feel comfortable and enjoy your sport all at the same time!

3….2…..1…. SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

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A Fit Chic LA’s Guide to the Perfect Running Short…

Which Shorts Are You Gonna Choose Fit Ones?
Which Shorts Are You Gonna Choose Fit Ones?

With the spring air and the beautiful sun shinning bright, for those of us that have been cooped up all winter long the need for a nice long run is inevitable.

We have so many running shorts to choose from now days, how do we know which ones are best and which ones are bogus?

I have been an avid runner for most of my life, and nothing used to bug me more than having my running shorts ride up in all shorts of uncomfortable ways. Or if you have super sensitive skin like I do, then the wrong material can leave you in far more pain than the run!

Trying to find the right running short can be about as difficult as finding the right jeans for your body type. So, here are the top five running shorts that will leave you feeling and looking great!

#1 Nike Tempo Short These shorts are great material, have a fantastic liner, and don’t ride up on you while you run. They also have a variety of patterns and colors so you can get several pairs and never get bored.

#2 The Lululemon Speed Short These shortsare super lightweight, cool, and comfortable. They have a back pocket to place your key, and chafe-resistant flat seams are designed to save sweaty, sensitive skin from irritation wide.

# 3 Under Armour ultra 2 compression shorts – These compression shorts are light, comfortable, and stick like glue to your legs so there’s no riding up. They also have a very comfortable waist band that does not dig into your sides when you run.

#4 Brooks Infiniti Skort These shorts are brooks most popular seller. These are perfect for the 5k to marathon runner. They are black so they are slimming too.

#5 Asics Every Sport Short These shorts are great for all types of cross training. I am a cross fitter so I prefer these, because I can perform all different types of exercises (i.e. sprinting, squats, rowing, kettlebell swings etc…) and the shorts are great for it all.

Now you have the perfect short to support your sport!

3…2…1.. RUN!!!!

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Top 5 Benefits of Coconut Oil Other Than Cooking

coconut oil

We see coconut oil frequently pop up in the health and wellness sector. What exactly is coconut oil and why is so beneficial to our bodies in more ways than just eating it?

Here are 5 other great ways to use coconut oil other than cooking with it …

#1 Make Up Remover:

Coconut oil is a great moisturizing make-up remover.  Simply apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and wipe over eye makeup, and the rest of the face.  Wash your face again as you normally would, or just leave the coconut oil on your face for added nutrients.  It is very gentle and soothing for the face too.

#2 Lotion/Moisturizer/Sun Screen 

Coconut oil can be applied to the skin to use as a moisturizer, for dry skin, protect your skin, and just to keep you smelling amazing. Coconut oil quickly absorbs into the skin and contains antioxidant which helps with dryness, wrinkles, and sun spots.

#3 Conditioner

If your hair is feeling dry, frizzy, unhealthy coconut oil is a great treatment for the follicles and the scalp. The same way it can nourish your skin, coconut oil can nourish your hair.  Apply a small amount to shampoo’d hair then rinse.  Coconut oil will help get those tangles out too.

You can also use coconut oil as a leave-in treatment to help with dead ends, frizz, and dry scalp.

#4 Toothpaste:

Toothpaste is one that can contain a lot of added chemicals and unnecessary additives. Here is a way to keep those pearly whites sparkling and not have harmful side effects. Try this recipe and make it a little DIY.

#5 Helps heal Cuts, blisters, and scrapes – Coconut Oil can act just as fast if not more immediate as a ointment such a Neosporin or Hydrogen Peroxide. Coconut oil can even be used as a topical protector for infection,inflammation. All you have to do is just rub a small amount of oil over the wound and watch it heal naturally and quickly.

Now you can really justify purchasing this fabulous oil, not only can you use it in the kitchen you can take it with you throughout your whole house!

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The Top Fit Chic Water Must Haves…


drinking h2o

We are all told over and over again to “hydrate”, “Drink more water”, etc… but what if the type of water we are drinking isn’t coming from where the bottle companies say it is….

Are some waters better than other? Does more expensive = better quality? Can I drink sparkling water? etc…..EWG (Environmental Working Group) tested 173 different types of water only to find that not a single one received a Grade A choice and many of the waters that have branded themselves as the top received F’s and D’s.

So what are the top bottled water brands and why?

#1 Filtered Water From Home: Shockingly this lead the pack with a grade A. We as consumers change our filter more often and therefore it is much more pure than bottled water plus you don’t get the chemicals from the plastic!

#2 Nestle Pure Life – It was the most purified with the most efficient water treatment methods.

#3 Gerber Pure Purified Water – This scored a high B for the same purification process and effective bottling methods as Nestle.

#4 Penta Ultra Purified Water – This will leave you feeling refreshed and leave your body feeling the utmost hydration….

#5 Arrowhead Mountain Spring: Although this came in with a C grade it still beat out over 150 water companies as one of the best.

Now you have the top 5 water choices on the market that will leave you feeling the most hydrated before and after your workout!

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Top 5 Foods For a Brighter Smile …

pearly whites

Would like to have a brighter smile without paying an arm and a leg to make it happen …, Here are some great super foods that will leave you with a million dollar smile and make you feel like a million bucks as well.

# 1 Apples – 

An apple a day keeps more than the doctor away—it also gets rid of teeth debris. Their  texture and high water content increases saliva, washing away harmful bacteria that creates plaque and leads to discoloration.

# Raw Nuts – 

Chewing on nuts stimulates saliva which can help wash away bacteria. The texture of the nut can work to remove surface stains as well.

# 3 Vegetables – 

Foods that are high in fiber and slightly coarse act as a toothbrush and help keep those pearly whites glossy. The florets of vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower can help create that “toothbrush” feeling for your teeth as well. Also the high iron content in dark greens like broccoli also helps form a thin coat that protects teeth from enamel-eroding acids found in soda and carbonated drinks. And good news for celery lovers: Because it’s so difficult to chew, it increases saliva production and polishes teeth for a natural surface clean.

# 4 Strawberries – 

Strawberries contain malic acid, which acts as a natural astringent to help break down and remove surface stains. Here is a great recipe to get your teeth sparkling. Take strawberries, muddle them and then combine with a little baking soda and brush your teeth. This will act as a teeth whitening agent without having to pay top dollar.

# 5 Pineapple 

The acids found in citrus fruits are effective teeth whiteners. Additionally, their tart taste enhances saliva production for a natural rinse and polish. They contain an enzyme called bromelain that can assist in removing stains.

Here’s to beautiful teeth this 2015!

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A Fit Chic LA’s Guide to the Perfect WaterProof Mascara….

Say Goodbye to Black Eye!

A lot of my clients are either coming from work, or going to work etc..  or some who just want to come to the gym looking their best.

Well now you can feel great and still look great after your workout!

My pet peeve with wearing my mascara is, that after I am done with my workout I look like I have HUGE black circles under my eyes! I like to wear mascara (as most of us women do), because it really gives me that extra “pop” to my eyes, but I don’t want to look like I was in a boxing match when the workout is over.

So here are the top five mascaras that will leave you looking radiant after your workout!

#1 Dior Show – Not only is this amazing mascara waterproof it is even more wonderful when used outside the gym!

#2 Great Lash from Maybelline – The price point of this product is amazing and you will have money left over to get some cute workout gear!

#3 Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara – This mascara (although thick), really makes your eyes pop! With this mascara, you can still sweat into the oldies, but not look like it when you are finished! While you are purchasing your mascara check out the amazing eye shadows they offer as well!

#4 Lancome Definicils – This is a high-definition mascara, which really adds to the eye, but is a lot more natural than Dior.

#5 Cover Girl Lash Blast Volume – This is for the fit chics who want that extra va va voom while in the gym. This gives your eye lashes tons of volume and really stays on for the majority of your day (even after your workout)!

Now when you go into the gym you can feel confident knowing that you will look just as good when you walked in as you do when you walk out!

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Top 5 Embarrassing Gym Questions You Are Too Afraid to Ask …

embarrasing gym moments

Being in the health and fitness industry for 13 plus years I have seen it all, heard it all, and experienced a lot of it myself as well!

Here are the most common questions most are thinking to ask but too afraid to bring it up.

#1 What if I have to go to the Bathroom during class: 

Do your best to visit the restroom before or after class, but sometimes when you gotta go you gotta g. No need to tell the teacher or apologize, just politely leave the room trying to not make a scene and then just hop right back in where you left off as quietly and non discreet as possible.

The same goes for coughing fits, allergy attacks or anything else that should prompt the need for you to leave class. Head out quickly and quietly, and return the same way. Don’t worry about other people noticing!

#2 I sweat so much is that normal? 

Sweat is normal, and it’s not gross! Don’t be embarrassed if you sweat. I always say as an instructor if you are not sweating I feel a little offended. It actually makes your workout better and really helps get inpuritys released from your body.

Also your skin actually benefits from sweat! Your pores open and release dirt on the surface of your skin. It also boosts your immune system too.

If you sweat a lot bring an extra towel with you, and maybe even an extra shirt to absorb more and not be so obvious if you are self conscious about it. You can wear a headband or wrist bands to wipe sweat so it doesn’t get in your eyes or in the way of your workout!

I am in favor of sweat nothing says hard work more than a nice sweat angel on your floor after your done!

#3 My Workout Clothes Have Permanent Stink .. Can You Get Rid of It? 

Baking soda: Add 1 cup of baking soda to the wash cycle (note that vinegar does better in the rinse cycle, while baking soda is best used right up front in the wash cycle);

Laundry boosters: Use a booster like Borax or Charlie’s Soap in addition to your detergent;

Specialty detergents: Check out brands such as WIN, Tide Plus Febreze Sport, OdorXIt,OdorKlenz, and Scent-A-Way

Sunshine: Good old sunshine is a fantastic odor neutralizer; turn items inside out to prevent fading and to maximize the freshening power of sunlight (that sounded like terrible marketing copy, oof);

The freezer: Yup! Go on and freeze your gym clothes, which will kill smells (this also works great on jeans that you’d prefer not to wash).

Best for laundering gym gear:

Allow items to air out a bit immediately after use rather than tossing them directly into the hamper/laundry bag while damp from your workout;

Turn garments inside out;

Wash with cold water to preserve the integrity of high tech fibers;

Use less detergent to prevent build up;

Avoid fabric softener;

Add a ½ to full cup of white vinegar or baking soda to the wash to keep odors at bay;

Air or low-heat dry.

# 4 What if people can see my underwear or sweaty crotch? 

You don’t need to have a fancy matching outfit, but you should choose clothes that allow movement. I prefer capri pants and a tank top. If you prefer to cover your shoulders, choose longer T-shirts that will stay tucked.

No flashing: To keep your shirt from falling down during inversions, tuck it in, or choose a snug-fitting shirt that hits your hip. Do a test: Can you lift your arms without exposing your bellybutton? If you do choose tanktops, lean over and make sure your chest doesn’t fall out. Take a couple of twists for safe measure to see if anything budges. If you don’t like snug-fitting tanks, choose one that has adjustable cords around the bottom or is baggy around the middle but tight at the bottom. (If you have a slip, don’t make a big deal. Chances are no one is in a position to see. Adjust and move on. It happens to the best of us!)

Go with black: Light colored yoga pants are super cute, but I will only wear black to avoid showing sweat in places no one wants to see. (When they get sweaty, a lot of light colored pants are see-through, too.)

Don’t go super low (on pants that is): Low-rise pants are not a good fit for exercise. With all the twisting and flowing, you might end up exposing your crack.

Test your pants before you buy them. Bend over and touch your toes (or not!); sit down and twist to one side; squat down–did you feel a breeze back there? If so, choose a pair that comes up higher.

If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, Target  has a great active line. I also love TJ Maxx for quality brands that fit all types of bodies. and theDanskin line at Walmart are great. If you want to spend a little more on workout clothes, check out Lululemon, Athleta, and Lucy.

#5 If I am too sore I shouldn’t work out right? 

If you can barely get up from the toilet, roll out of bed, stand up from desk etc… NOT working out would be the WORST thing to do! Bringing movement and blood flow to the areas of soreness allow the muscles to break up your lactic acid and work that soreness out!! You will feel much better if you move than if you stop and sit. Go at a pace that is not too intense but keeps your warm and feeling great!

Now you don’t have to be self conscious or feel embarrassed entering your gym! 

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Top 5 Ideas to Wear to the Gym and Your Holiday Party…


Many times I am running from one event to the next whether it be teaching class, meetings, or holiday get togethers many times I don’t have time or enough room in my bag to store outfits for each event. So here are some great apparel ideas that are great for the gym and your holiday festivities.

Brisky Biker Jacket:

When the weather outside is frightful, we layer up in this amazing find. Mesh venting at the back helps us let off steam after a tough workout, while extra insulation around the neck keeps us cozy when we head to the Holiday Event.

Athleta Sly Drifter Tight

These are great material for the gym but have the great style for out of the gym, with side zip pockets and chic seam lines to make the ultimate tight for going out.

Zella All Shirred Up Pullover: 

Shaped by ruching, a soft, sweater-knit pullover is topped with a sumptuous cowl neck that can be styled as a draping hood on your way in and out of the gym.

NUX Denver Wrap: 

This cozy brushed terry wrap with hood and pockets can be perfect for any holiday party or Pilates and yoga class! Now you will be the hit of your party and comfy cozy all in one. j

Athleta Fusion Pant: 

Pockets make these midweight yoga pants, giving the illusion of pants but the comfort of leggings. These pants are so comfortable with soft fabric, a nylon/lycra/spandex blend, they come in four colors (and six sizes!)—black and black heather, blue and asphalt—and are easily paired with a cashmere Christmas sweater.

Now you will be the hit at every party and be comfortable in the process!

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