#1 Monat – This Summer Care for Your Hair –  MONAT is naturally and botanically based made to heal every hair type from the inside out making hair more manageable, makes hair grow, keeps color longer! It’s also great for summer because it keeps green out of hair from chlorine and we have UV protectant so hair stays hydrated and color stays brighter!

#2 Nyx 3C Concealer Palette Medium, – This will help with the summer blemish’s and leave you that summer glow you yearn for!

#3 Get Tan While You Shower – Now you can get the tan you want without the “Tan” smell! This is great because it takes no more time out of your daily routine, and works quickly too. In just 3 minutes you will be able to attain the glow and have your hair washed and body clean all at the same time!

#4 Coulour Pop Lipgloss –  This lip gloss is budget friendly and has an amazing variety of colors and textures!

#5 Avene Tinted Compact – If you hate wearing face makeup in the summer but you want a tiny bit of complexion correction, this is just what you need: It’s a water-resistant, lightweight, tinted beauty balm that will give you a glowy, even look.

Here’s To Looking Your Best for the Summer of 2017!

Fit Chic 

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