So this past week, I have been really working on keeping a positive mindset in all that I do! Being mindful of not immediately going to the negative, watching things that don’t serve me, and my associations in the past week. This doesn’t mean I was perfect or didn’t have any negativity by any means .. but the one take away I had was my mood was better all around. I started to look at things from a whole new light, and most of all I felt better physically and mentally!

For example, if I didn’t want to do something like workout, make the bed, fold the clothes, cook dinner I would focus on all the positives surrounding those task. All of a sudden my mood and demeanor about the situation changed. If I was unhappy about movements in the workout I would tell myself be blessed you are able to move! If I didn’t want to fold the clothes, I changed my mindset to be happy I had so many clothes to fold. If I was annoyed by a situation I focused on what i could take positively from it. What I came to realize is how wonderful my life is, How much I have to be thankful for, and How life is really good when you learn to count your blessings!

Happiness and positivity are the two things that fuel and feed your soul. When you start to change your focus you actually perform better and feel better on the inside and out.

What do you need to do to make those tweaks to have positivity and happiness all around? First, do an assessment of the top five people you spend the most time with. This is an eye opening experience and can really make you see why you are in the place you are in! If you are married and your spouse is a “Debbie Downer” or your best friend is always talking about some drama …. This feeds you and sucks you dry!

You need to make a conscience effort to choose your words, the people in your life, and the things you watch or listen to. This will bring so much clarity on why you think and do the things you do! It will expand your horizons and make you stop and examine why you are in the place you are in. If you feel like life is not going your way, or your not seeing the results you want, or getting things you think you deserve start to to look at the same problem from a positive perspective and see how differently you will see this situation or place!

Here is a really interesting article from The Buffer Blog on how to rewire your brain for positivity and happiness.

In order to create ultimate “Happiness and positivity” keep in mind these three things:

Gratitude – When you are grateful and humble you are positive, and you value what’s important, and it attracts happiness.

Give Time – The more you give the happier you become. Winston Churchill said “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Relationships – When you create deep rooted relationships you actually live a longer healthier life. Not only do relationships help to make us happier, but also happy people tend to have more and better quality relationships. So working on our relationships is good for happiness and working on our happiness is good for our relationships. That’s a win win if you ask me!
Take these simple tips and challenge yourself for the next 7 days to chose to have a positive attitude and the results will amaze you!
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