Easter is all about family, food, and faith. With all these components surrounding this blessed holiday how can we put the “Fun” and “Fit” into it as well?

A favorite past time is decorating eggs and hiding them .. So lets take Easter Egg Hunts and Easter Baskets to the next level.

#1 Make A Workout Game Out of the Hunt:

Grab a dozen or more plastic eggs (purchase the ones that separate into two) and on small sheets of colored or plain paper write fun workout moves to do when the egg gets open.

For Example in each egg:

10 squats

5 pushups

10 situps 

10 mountain climbers

25 Jumping Jacks 

#2 Fitness Easter Egg Basket Items: 

  1. Jump Rope
  2. Frisbee
  3. Sidewalk Chalk for Hop Scotch
  4. Handball
  5. Fun Water Bottles

#3 Activity Themed Easter Baskets: Skip the treats this year, and create a theme around a hobby or sport your child loves. 

For example Make a gardening theme, Beach theme, or a favorite sport theme

Seeds, gardening tools and pots

Pool or beach toys

Baseball Bat, Baseballs, and bases (all can be purchase at the dollar store).

Now you have all the tools you need to keep your kids feeling happy and healthy this Easter Day!

Fit Chic 



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