Are you constantly breaking out?

Have blotchy, oily skin?

One of the number one reasons we are getting acne is lack of hydration. If you feel you are drinking plenty of water it could be your diet that’s causing those unnecessary breakouts.

Here are the top 4 foods that could be triggering those blotchy spots:

#1 Ditch the Refined sugars- Sugar and Spice Doesn’t make everything nice when it comes to your face .. Sugars (especially refined sugars) block your pores and cause inflammation and hormonal overdrive which makes your skin cry for help! Trade the sugars for fibers which are great for your face!

#2 Trade the coffee for tea – Coffee stresses out your body. High doses of acidic caffeine activates your sympathetic nervous system — or stress hormones — according to nutritionist Paula Simpson. It triggers that fight-or-flight response, firing up your adrenal glands, thus pumping out excess stress hormones, called catecholamines. This is bad news for your skin, especially if you’re acne-prone.

#3 Eliminate the Dairy in your Diet – Bad News “Dairy Doesn’t do a Complexion Good” It actually can have the reverse effects. 

#4 Get Rid of Gluten – Wheat causes inflammation, and to get rid of acne, you want to reduce inflammation in your body. You could eat an bagel and unknowingly consume three big triggers: dairy, soy, and sugar Which will not lead to clearing those unwanted red spots …

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