bling in the new year

Accessories for any New Years Eve party are just as important , as your outfit. Accessories are the things that make the perfect outfit “pop”, and they will for sure help make you feel great this New Year’s Eve.

#1 Mints like altoids, lifesavers, certs etc … – You are expected to get a kiss when that clock hits midnight so you want to make sure you are prepared with good fresh breath. You can even get a cute case to match your outfit to

# 2 A Glass of Bubbly – You can’t ring in the New Year without some bubbles. Make sure to have a glass of sparkling cider, champagnes, or wine so you can toast to the New Year.

# 3 Sparkles – Nothing says New Year’s Eve better than sparkles. Bling makes everything better especially on your eyes, ears, and body!  I saw the more Bling on NYE the better!

# 4 Lip Gloss –  This is a must have in your stylish clutch to make your face glisten even more! Nothing says glamour more than sparkling lips while sipping on your champagne! The best part is you can fit it anywhere to have on hand at all times.

Now you have the items you will need this New Years Eve to make this your best one yet!

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