There are so many different beauty products out there, I feel like every time I walk into a department store the makeup section gets bigger and bigger with more colors to look at, and more products to sell.

I am an avid lipstick and lip gloss user! I have around 1o different colors, flavors, sparkle no sparkle (you get the point). Until recently I never stopped to think that these lipsticks/glosses could be doing me more harm than good.

Just like lotions, food, oils etc… the chemicals from our lipsticks or gloss can be harmful to our bodies, especially on our lips since that is where everything we put in our mouth goes.

Here is a list of some lipsticks and gloss that contain few chemicals, are all organic, and even  gluten-free as well!

Now you can not only look fabulous, but know that  you are not harming yourself in the process!

Arbonne Glossed Over Lip Gloss  – This lip gloss is described as offering “maximum lip shine with major softness.” The formula is infused with plant extracts, peptides, and a wonderful variety of natural oils to infuse lips with hydration and comfort. This Lip gloss makes the lips look full, hydrated, healthy, and luscious.

Red Apple Lipstick – This company offers a wide variety of lip gloss lipstick and many other gluten free cosmetics.

Gabriel Cosmetics – Which can be found online or at Whole Foods. So you can eat healthy and be healthy chic!

100% Pure – This is a great online site with many different gluten-free makeup and skin care to choose from.

Ecco Bella – Not only does this site have great colors to choose from, they include all of their ingredients below each product so you can really see what is going on your lips.

I read that the average woman “eats” 8 pounds of lipstick/lip gloss in her life. Can you imagine how these chemical infested products are affecting our health!

With just little changes we can look fantastic not just on the outside but the inside as well!

Fit Chic

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