women loving herself

I was having a conversation with a girlfriend the other day and the topic of self worth came up. We were saying how easy it is to loose yourself and start to self sabotage .. but why?

It is just as easy to say wonderful things about ourselves as it is to say negative so why do we typically choose the negative?

I challenge you fit ones to repeat these following 8 things yourself each day.

Focus on the wonderful person you are, so you can be the best to those around you!

#1 I am Lovable

#2 I am proud of myself and what I have accomplished

#3 I am beautiful

#4 What I do and what I hope matters

#5 It doesn’t have to perfect .. sometimes “good enough” is GOOD ENOUGH!

#6 I can do this!

#7  I am unique and I have something to offer this world!

#8 I am enough!

See how much you can grow and appreciate you, just by reading these out loud each morning. Whenever you start to hear “the negative noise” that goes on your head pull out this list and tune it out with the positive greatness you bring!

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