items in your gym bag

With New Year’s Resolutions in FULL EFFECT here is the perfect chance to be prepared for every situation, so that you won’t have anything stop you from hitting your New Year’s goals!

Keep these essential items in your workout bag and make this your most successful year yet!

  1. Patterned Leggings: Get your chic printed workout leggings so you can arrive at the gym feeling comfortable and chic!
  2. Hydration Salts : This is the perfect electrolyte tool to refuel and rehydrate your body when you are on the go! They contain a blend of various vitamins and minerals to help promote a more consistent intake of water and nutrients.
  3. RxBar – Sometimes you need a quick snack before or after your workout. These are the perfect bars to have on hand at all times. They don’t contain additives,
  4. Water Bottle – This bottle is trendy, durable, and easy to tote around in your gym bag. It keeps cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks hot for up to 12. it features a wide mouth that makes it easy to fill, add ice cubes and clean.
  5. Socks and Sports Bras – The two most common items that are left behind and essential for your workout.. Keep these in your bag for ICE (in case of emergency) situations.

Now you have the tools to make this 2016 your most successful yet!

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