Now this is some flexibility!

Stretching and flexibility are the key components to injury prevention, being able to work out no matter what your age, and rehabilitation. I recently had shoulder surgery, and did my 6 weeks of physical therapy. When my 6 weeks was done, I got clearance from my Doctor to “Go back to doing what I was doing” (so I did).

At first everything was great, I was lifting as much as I did before surgery. I could pull, push, press, and dip with no pain at all. But as I continued to push the envelope, my shoulder began to deteriorate quickly! I was missing a link … the doctor told me I was cleared, so why was I in more pain now than ever before?

The answer was lack of stretching and flexibility! I was so focused on working out hard, that I let working out efficiently go by the wayside. I see my husband day in and day out stay so disciplined with his stretching. It can be 10 at night and he will be diligent about it, and the results really show! He is never hurt, he is always feeling good, and he even sleeps more comfortably at night. I can honestly say I would not be in the predicament that I am, if I would have made stretching and flexibility a priority, instead of getting another workout in.

Here are some cause and effect of stretching:

A lack of flexibility seems to be a contributing factor to the onset of injuries and overuse problems like tendonitis, bursitis and lower back pain.

Flexibility training allows greater movement and improved posture, increases physical and mental relaxation, releases muscle tension and soreness and reduces the risk of injury.

So you choose, do you want age to just be a number, or be what stops you?

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2 Comments on The Importance of Stretching and Flexibility

  1. Great reminder Annie! I know how important stretching is but I hate it, I’m not flexible at all and never have been. I need to make it habit.

    PS: I love your blog! Hope recovery is going well.