Through my many years of training, I have heard and seen it all from : “I am just big-boned”, “I naturally have big legs”, “I guess this is just as good as it is going to get”, and so on and so forth. I too, felt like this… from high school on I have always felt this way. I had tried every diet imaginable and I do mean imaginable!

I would go months on end without eating a gram of fat, I tried every diet known to man, and the more I tried the more frustrated I became and the bigger I got!

I was 22 years old, working out 3 to 4 hours a day. I would literally spend 2 hours on the elliptical, then go to some form of group exercise class. The more I did the less I lost. My diet pretty much followed the same. I was  on the “Coffee Bean” processed food diet. I would drink coffee all day and eat rice cakes, sugar-free anything and could not lose a pound! I always felt sick and bloated with no idea why….

When I was 21, I found out I was “gluten intolerant“. I had no idea what that meant, and when given the list of foods to avoid, my diet would now be starvation! Everything I had been eating had some form of wheat, flour, or gluten, and now I did not know what to do.

I started to make changes to my diet and slowly but surely my body started to change. Not only was my body changing but I was feeling better all around. I was sleeping better, had more energy throughout the day, and I was even getter better grades in my college courses.

When I was 25 I was getting married, and like every bride I wanted to lose those last five lbs to look perfect in my dress! My husband Chris had been following this website called “CrossFit” and he was seeing tremendous results so I thought why not give it a try! Low and Behold on my wedding day I had dropped the five lbs I had been holding on to and felt great on my Big Day! I figured if it had worked for my wedding, why not keep on with it and see where it will lead…..

Well now as of 2012, my results have been life changing! I am in the best shape of my life! I am eating more than I ever have, and I am the thinnest I have ever been (by maintaining a Paleo Lifestyle). So it is a myth…. We are not born “big-boned”, we can restructure our bodies, and we do not have to starve ourselves to make it happen! Here is a picture of me before and after…..

This is me Before….
After… what a difference diet and CrossFit makes!

What steps and changes are you going to make to conquer your goals?  ….. comment below…..

Fit Chic

10 Comments on I Guess This is as Good as it is Going to Get!

  1. I love looking at your before and after pics… they make me feel like I can accomplish what you did, if I just try. Sugar is BY FAR my biggest downfall and I tend to treat myself way to much. I know that eating healthier is a lifestyle change and I’ve come far from where I started, but I still have a long ways to go (baby steps for me if I want to really commit to it).

    BTW… I miss you a lot and am very very happy you started a blog so I can keep up with you!!!

  2. Wow is all I can say!! I only know the “now” fitchicla and I didn’t believe that you ever looked any different. You have totally transformed yourself and you look amazing (I have seen it in person!!)! I can see tremendous results with myself since Crossfit and diet changes and I hope it continues. You are such an amazing role model for us all!
    Thank you and we miss you!!

  3. Wow! It’s great to hear another familiar story! I grew up the “big-boned” chic, too. I finally took control of my life when I graduated high school in ‘01. I went from a size 18 to a size 4 in about 18 months. I did everything imaginable and at the time, it was worth it. I loved being able to walk into a store without worrying if they had my size and I loved learning about nutrition. However, I became increasingly frustrated when I couldn’t drop more weight and slowly, I creeped out of my beloved size 4 during a time when I was working out/dieting the hardest! Looking back now, I don’t know how I maintained such self-control for so many years. Yet, I’m certain that if I funnel the determination I’ve had in the past, I’ll get back into those size 4s and feel stronger than ever. But, I can’t do it without CrossFit. I think I speak for the rest of us at CFSF when I say that I am forever indebted to you guys for bringing CF to our neck of the woods. It’s been a lifesaver for me in so many ways!

    Best of luck in LA and keep kicking a$$ in life! 🙂

  4. ok. I will admit, I really thought that you have always been the super fit super woman that I have seen over the past year. That you were some sort of specimen that I could never even aspire to be fitness wise. It gives me great hope to see that you have accomplished what I am hoping to and that you started from a good place and got to a GREAT place! Love the blog and look forword to your recipes!!! Good luck God Bless!!!

  5. I am so glad you posted before and after pics!!! Everyone these days wants a quick fix. Diet fads, pills, shake weights…. etc…. you are living proof that hard work and dedication is the best thing you can do for your body. I remember meeting you for the first time about 2 years ago, and I wondered what the heck you did to look the way you do! I am so glad you are sharing how to become a fit chic!!! Miss you tons!!

  6. Annie,
    So sure that this blog was started with some of my personal quotes! You are such an inspiration. Love the before and after pics….you are AmAzInG!!! Miss seeing you at CF…..Love the blogs!